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Tony Shull
04-21-2010, 06:49 PM

Glad i got your attention. I would like to provide Sales Copy for you - here's why.

First obviously is that I would like to get paid to do good work...second I would like people to see that the DEFINED way is not the only way that works - I'm pretty confident if you turn me lose on your page I'll convert more than your generic template...If I don't then don't pay me ..if i do.. pay me what you feel I was worth

I don't care if you are a new marketer or a well established marketer I'll crank out a sales page for you that I BELIEVE will convert like crazy

BUT HERES THE CATCH (the paying me bits not really the catch)

if you send this to your list and your are ECSTATIC by the response (opt-in or sales page-or ill do both)
then I will say told ya so and You can write a short testimonial praising me.
2nd stipulation - While testing me- only send the offer to your list or through which ever method you know you'll get tons of traffic but won't cost you a ton of cash. I'm confident this will convert like MAD but I want you to be confident that you're not wasting cash.

I have a Associates Degree In Journalism and well the main thing is that I've seen all the websites out there and if your customer is like me... bought some stuff now not sure what to do...then they are getting Desensitized guys. They've seen and heard it all before they want something else from you I believe I can get you that something else - I would do this on my own but I don't have traffic and I'm really more in to this to help people out - used to help out local bands back in highschool by making their cds or setting up shows then later helped out national bands on a local level lol and then International - point is I like to help people even with out gain - but don't get me wrong if you love my COPY i want paid LOL no buts about it - But if you aren't 'suaded - remove my copy cause if its not working for you why keep using it OR better yet keep it with your free traffic source and when it starts working correctly for ya give me money lol ... we may have just chose a bad time.

as you can tell by this novel I enjoy writing - you can also see tons of typos, these will be removed in the event I write for you

IF YOU DECIDE YOU LOVE MY WORK - AND YOU CAN'T SEE HOW DID WITH OUT IT - AND YOU WANNA KISS ME - LOL - then You're welcome and you can hire me on to make all the sales copy you need for your products - and I'm not asking to be paid 10,000 although I would love you for that - My fee is dependent on your satisfaction ... obviously not just a few bucks As you'll soon see my copy will likely be responsible for $1000's in conversions 100's of opt-ins

well I think thats it - Lets Start Writing RIGHT,
OZ - again free to test -if ya love me pay up :)

Tony Shull
05-28-2010, 04:31 PM
Offer still stands. I rewrote A sales letter back when I first posted but we didn't have any luck ...but before you blame me lol it was actually coincidence it turned out his google ranking went bad so if anyone is looking for a rewrite I'm still sitting here and THINK i know what works...ifI'm wrong you lose nothing but if I'm right I expect a hefty check or a light one what ever you feel my work was worth :)

My goal here is to PROVE that I know what the customers what to read lol first test was a disaster thanks to timing - but I know I KNOW.


12-08-2010, 12:22 PM
Hi Oz,

I just got to your offer and wondering if you still work on this.
Please advise!

Tony Shull
12-08-2010, 04:03 PM
Hey Tammy,

I just got your message. (and read my old message-You'll have punctuation if I rewrite your copy :) )

Yes, the offer still stands. Since I wrote this post, I actually had an extensive buckling down on punctuation "course". Not an actual course, but it has helped me realize I was using commas BAD. lol

PM me and lets get started.


Peter Kiss
02-25-2011, 10:16 PM
Hi Oz,

Do you still provide this service? I might have a sales copy need to be looked at asap. Please do let me know!