View Full Version : Doug Champigny with a big HELLO from Canada...

Doug Champigny
03-29-2011, 07:07 PM
Hi, Folks!

First up, huge props to Mike & Mike Jr. for this great opportunity to rub shoulders with the greats!

Have been online fulltime since 95 or 96 with my wife Teri... She covers a nuber of niches with sites and blogs, while I focus on IM and affiliate marketing, covering most aspects with blogs, sites and various products.

So 'howdy' to those we've JV'd with or met at conventions, and a big HELLO to those we're meeting here for the first time... If you're looking for someone to interview yu or someone to interview on any area of IM, drop me a line here or find me on Skype.

Hope to see a lot of everyone here!

Mike Merz
03-30-2011, 12:27 PM
Hey, Doug ... it seems like just yesterday since we last interacted. ;)