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Kon Corps
12-15-2009, 03:25 AM
How's everyone doing today?

My name's Kon and I run www.anotherarticle.com it's content written by my team and then proof-read to pick out any irregularities and mistakes, just a final polish before I send it off to my clients.

I joined this forum to look for some JV opportunities (anyone with an affiliate list/product launch I've got some good ideas for you, feel free to PM) but I figured why not post some content as well?

Now I'll tell you guys, this is affordable content meaning; don't expect some top notch quality stuff. As you can probably tell I'm an English native and I hand pick all my writers.

Haven't had a bad review so far but that's partially because I don't overhype my stuff, for the price I'm sure you'll love it but don't come expecting increased conversions by 200% because it's not what I do. (that's what premium content does ;))

However if you want your own out-sourcer who will work with you to get your project done, get it done quickly (2-3 days per order) and provide you with work you can stand by, well then just add me on these instant messengers (deals can be negotiated :P)


You can also just directly order off the site, www.anotherarticle.com

Some testimonials off of nichechoppers (paid forum);

I ordered Kon's 33 for $100 package - which is very well priced.

Delivery was a hair late, but it was not a problem as I was in no hurry and Kon and I talked throughout the writing.

They are nearly 100% error free (the grammar was mostly on the spot), however some of them are a bit odd in that the writing contradicted itself. Nonetheless, these are quick fixes and for the price I thought I would need to do much more.

In addition, I asked Kon to make some of the articles 600 words, instead of two 300's and that was also no problem.

Communicated well + good work + well priced = I recommend.
I too ordered from Kon and received the articles in a timely manner. Very few grammatical errors here and there but the price and the quality he provided is unbeatable. Thank you, and I honestly recommend Kon! Ebay style AAA+++
Ordered a shitload of articles and 100 word Linkvana posts from Kon and I am extremely happy with the work done.

Ultra-fast delivery, undercut my previous outsourcer 50% on price, and the quality of writing is actually better.

Will recommend to anyone who needs top notch content on the cheap. My only worry is he won't stay cheap for very long.
Ordered 33 x 2.

Impressed, on time, content needed little to no work (adding.com's/anchor text links, changing a header line here and there).

CANNOT go wrong for the price, even though I shouldn't be endorsing stuff on my own forum, I will confidently say that Kon delivers and is professional with his business - hoping both quality and quantity last.

Good on you Kon, congrats on servicing the choppers and seeing smiles all around so far. Will be grabbing more shortly.

I've got some on the site as well, just F5 to refresh.

>>> www.anotherarticle.com

Looking forward to some orders, take care.