View Full Version : Part IV: Successful JV's Through Labor Replication!

Mark M. Bravura
08-08-2006, 11:34 AM
Part IV: Successful JV's Through Labor Replication!

2006 Mark M. Bravura

A hearty welcome back to you and 'Thank You!' just for
hangin' out!

In Part III, you discovered the critical importance of
compelling sales copy and your own private Swap File.

Today, you're about to discover the Timeless Principle of...

Labor Replication-

The closer you want to get to all of that free time and
boatloads of money you've indubitably been promised time
and time again...

The more closely you must examine exactly what it takes to
become as digitally automated as possible!

Which also takes into consideration creative options/
opportunities such as outsourcing, viral e-marketing and
B2B JV barter.

One very excellent example is the awe-inspiring power of
autoresponders. Depending on your particular approach; a
deftly-crafted auto responder series can retain it's
timeliness for several months, even years...

*If* the information you are divulging is not only high-
quality- but truly Timeless, in nature- as well.

Another prime example is a genuinely high-quality e-book.

Most especially if these can be re-branded, featuring your
downlines' primary Web venture.

An entirely different type of good example would be adding
an affiliate program/sign-up incentive to your marketing

Though it is not necessary to do so...

In order to experience the joy of multiple streams of
Internet income, it most certainly speeds the process up-

Provided your offerings and JV Affiliate program have what
it takes to captivate a Power Seller's mind-

Actually, it's easier than you might think...

Combined with with proper preparation and execution.

Another example is a royalty-free paid member's site; in
which you provide your members with a step-by-step plan of
action and everything they need to achieve their own
success, online [of course...discipline and tenacity not
withstanding]! ;~D

In each of these examples, the Timeless Principle of Labor
Replication is unleashed- your one and only Way to
*consistent* Internet Success...

Regardless of your offerings.

That being the case, in Part V- you will be discovering
*extreme* tactics and strategies.

Warmest regards on your journey to outstanding success!


Mark M. Bravura