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Mark M. Bravura
08-03-2006, 12:20 AM
Compelling Strategic JV Alliances Uncovered!

2006, Mark M. Bravura


While not the same, a Strategic Alliance [SA] shares the same
roots as a tight-knit JV Co-Op.

As a matter of fact, nearly all SA's 'evolved' out of what
started out as a simple JV Co-Op; that actually became
mutually prosperous to ALL It's Members-

Not just the ones running the gig!

The other primary difference between a JV Co-Op and a
Strategic Alliance is:

A Strategic Alliance actually operates a as single-focus
Entity; insuring maximum [monetary] gain via deft wielding
of Collective Leverage.

Whereas a JV Co-Op is just that- a loose group of individuals
sharing a common goal, albeit not operating in the
peak Top-of-Mind Collective Awareness; nor exercising maximum
leverage capabilities ['too many cooks can spoil the pot']...

Essentially- a primitive foundation for a Strategic Alliance.

Tasty Ingredients Found In All Compelling SA's-

Whether an SA is formed at the Corporate level, or the
'common' level; certain attributes will always be present:

<> An unbending Code of Ethics;

<> A mutually-prosperous Unified Vision;

<> A truly passive/residual Revenue Model- available to all
Members [i.e. A 2 Tier/2-Up JV Powerline Program];

<> A vast, mutually-accessible Knowledge Base [i.e. A Monster
Depository of Master and P.L.R. Reprint Rights];

<> Clear channels of open communication [i.e. Blogs, Forums,

<> A Unified Traffic/Promotion Strategy;

<> Performance-based Membership Rewards System.

Though it is obviously a great strategic undertaking-

The money-making capabilities rise exponentially...

Compared to the sum total of the capabilities of each
individual, when precisely executed!

As JV Marketers, it is our [u]highest Goal and Vision to assist
manifestation of a powerful SA when given opportunity to do

The real difficulty in attracting a highly successful SA lies
not in finding a demand for such- there's always a screaming

The difficulty lies in proper and prudent selection of the
Facilitators for the SA. Just as every JV is likened to a
marriage proposal; far more so with an SA.

The propensity for greed [love of money] is exceedingly
great; which is why an unbending Code of Ethics and Vision/
Mission Statement is of paramount importance.

That said, the Rewards for Members of a truly honorable SA-
conducted with dignity- is indescribably astounding!

This is why the Rich will continue to get richer and the poor
will continue to suffer.

The Rich understand the unadulterated, raw power of single-
focus Collective Campaign Targeting.

Maximum efficiency.

Maximum Profits.

Virtually no waste in time, energy or money.