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Rob Toth
03-15-2009, 07:40 PM
Product Launch Strategist, Affiliate Management, Marketing Strategist, Sales System Design, Ad and Sales-copywriter - "THE GENIE"

"The best decision we ever made for our website was hiring Rob Toth. - Allen & Donna Smith, Truth About Trucking LLC, TruthAboutTrucking.com

FULL TESTIMONIAL AT: www.RobToth.com (http://www.RobTheGenieToth.com)

This is a guy who gets it. Rob is so in tune with what it takes to succeed as an online marketer. In no time at all, he showed me exactly what I needed to do (and proved that it worked!). - - Jim McCarthy, CEO, AdVantage Consulting, AdVantageConsult.com, PrometheusStrategy.com

FULL TESTIMONIAL AT: www.RobToth.com (http://www.RobTheGenieToth.com)

"Hi Rob, It's unfortunate that more marketers do not take the time to put together detailed JV Partner invitations the way that you do." - Gina Gaudio-Graves, One of A Short List of Top Respected Joint Venture Brokers in the IM Market

FULL TESTIMONIAL AT: www.RobToth.com (http://www.RobTheGenieToth.com)

Looking for a Marketing Strategy Partner? Want to design a more effective and more lucrative Online Sales System? Would like general Internet Business Consulting (from a successful multiple niche 6-figure internet marketer)?

Have an info Product Launch coming up and want to maximize your profits? Need help with Buzz Development and Viral Campaign Concepts? Want help with Affiliate Communications and Affiliate Team Management?

Want to work with someone who is in this business first and foremost as an entrepreneur (working on his own projects) and only second as a consultant/strategy partner ... which translates to hands on experience vs. just book knowledge?

Need guidance from a Direct Response Marketing Expert that specializes in creative and highly-monetized sales funnels? Want to mastermind your concept, project or upcoming campaign with an established marketer who, unlike your friends, will be very blunt and honest about your ideas (instead of just being the biased friend who keeps telling you everything you do is great because they are afraid of stepping on toes)?

Looking for someone who can stomp all over the box that others are trying to think outside of ... and can Zag while the masses are still learning to Zig?

Need someone with recognized engaging writing abilities to deliver a sales message either as salestext or as a script for a radio ad or infomercial?

Want to work with a self-taught expert marketer who replaced his job income many years ago (all from books, audios, DVDs, seminars, and mentors) and can help you figure out how to get started with "making money online" or taking your current business goals further?

Are you still a "novice" (or "newbie")? ... Ready to stop wasting money where you shouldn't be? I have absolutely saved clients thousands in less than 1 hour of discussion. No joke. No exaggeration. Let alone the potential weeks lost and frustration.


Info Product Launch
Validation of your product + target market | Market research | Overall strategy evaluation | Joint Venture partner and affiliate team recruiting | Affiliate signup page development | Affiliate tools (pre-written ads, emails) creation | Affiliate communications pre, during and post launch | Rewards system for affiliate participation | Product buzz building | Teaser content strategy and development | Autoresponder series development for automation to leads list prior to launch | "Blow them away" customer satisfaction strategies for after launch | Related coaching

Merchandise Product Launch
Online advertising strategy development | Branding strategy | Establish online promotion and distribution partners | Buzz building | Publicity stunts and PR campaign development

Offline (Physical Location) Business Coming To Web
Evaluate your strategy | Help build a sales tool vs. brochure webpage | Lead development strategy | 24/7 Sales Rep and store front creation | Online PR campaign and initial buzz building | Linking strategy for getting indexed well in search engines | Develop online advertising strategy | Automated followup (via email and/or phone and/or direct mail) for customers and leads | Affiliate program setup | Local targetting ideas | Help in avoiding costly "novice" mistakes (this alone saves offline-to-online business owners thousands) | Much more...

Individual Looking to "Get Started" Interested in Making Money Online
Coaching regarding the mainstream and most effective online business models (yes, even if you'd just like to "make money" online, you're about to launch a business) | General coaching to avoid A LOT of time and money being wasted (this can EASILY save you thousands of dollars and MONTHS or even years of confused frustration) | Development of an action plan | Continued coaching to help you progress through that action plan | Explanation of the nuts-and-bolts and the technical aspects that may be holding you back

Can critique and help tweak your overall business, sales funnel or product launch strategy | Look at back-end monetization | Help add in more automation points

For full details, MANY testimonials and for ANY of your questions, visit www.RobToth.com (http://www.RobToth.com)

PMs on here are *NOT* the way to reach me as I don't log onto JV Notify on a daily basis... instead use the contact information on RobToth.com or...

Skype me: robtoth
Twitter: @robtoth
Facebook: Rob-Toth.com
Toll-free: 1-888-727-3330

Rob Toth
09-10-2009, 06:27 PM
Please note... if getting in touch, let me know the market you're targeting.

The new rule of thumb that I set is to only work with ONE client in any given market every 60 days. (Unless I was hired simply for strategy work vs a more-hands on package).

Otherwise it becomes a conflict of interest.

Also... non IM product owners and merchants, there's probably a LOT of opportunity for us to work together.

All the best!

Rob Toth
09-18-2009, 05:10 PM
A quick tip...

I've received multiple queries re: rates.

Ie: "so how much do you charge for copywriting and as a jv manager".

First off, many of the listed services will be trimmed down to the specialty I provide: affiliate team development (recruiting, training, motivating affiliates etc). Copywriting will be phased out more and more.

That being said... such questions are impossible to answer.

"how much do you charge for copywriting?"

... One ad? Squeeze page? Long sales letter? Series of AR emails?

"what do you charge for jv management, project management, affiliate recruiting"

obscure niche? is aff infrastructure in place? Is this evergreen/long term or a launch? How large is the promotion. This alone can make the difference between a $2k job vs a $25k job.

So... whether it's me or another provider, please provide SPECIFICS (or at least a rough outline) of your needs for an actual quote.


Adrian Castro
09-30-2009, 12:08 AM
Hi Rob,

I have a network marketing project. How do I arrange a free consultation?


Rob Toth
10-03-2009, 02:04 PM
Hi Adrian,
Unfortunately, I don't believe in the concept of a "free consultation".

I think service providers who choose to offer that are doing a misservice to both parties... if they make the most productive use of that consultation time, then they gave up their time and experience for free. Not smart business. If they instead only say enough to close the sale, then it's a glorified sales pitch (which is pretty much what "free consultation" always means).

So here is what I'd invite you to do...

Read through http://RobToth.com as I have a bit of bio, services and testimonials there.

Check out any of my various freebies at http://RobToth.com/freestuff

And subscribe to my mailing list from that same page above.

The above should help you find out whether we're a fit or not.

Once "The Genie" is live, I'll offer 1-hour time blocks which can be the initial consultation before we move ahead.

By forcing (ie: asking) you to research me... it gives you a clear understanding of whether I'm a fit for your needs. And by me then charging you for an initial 1-hour assessment, it means I'll actually pay attention and do my best to deliver 10x the value in that hour ... vs just aiming to squeeze in a sales pitch for you.

Not conventional thinking among service providers... but... then again... I'm not a big fan of conventional thinking in the first place.

Best of success!

Rob Toth
01-27-2010, 05:06 PM
Brand new site is live at http://www.RobToth.com (brand new design etc went live yesterday)....

skim the testimonials here to see if I can be of use to you and your goals: