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03-03-2009, 04:30 PM
today i downloaded some templates to use them as a landing pages but they came with other content, other titles, etc.. ive tried to change it to put my own content but it looks to be blocked.. and i dont know how to change it.. and then upload those templates to my host account...

I mean, i downloaded something like this---

#1 Product Title (Our #1 Recommendation)

* Product Bullet Point Here
* Product Bullet Point Here
* Product Bullet Point Here
* Product Bullet Point Here
* Product Bullet Point Here
* Product Bullet Point Here

Product Review:

Integer vulputate congue purus. In non arcu nec pede laoreet fermentum. Duis condimentum ultrices dolor. Integer dignissim, lacus at feugiat scelerisque, arcu ligula imperdiet lorem, non venenatis ante mauris vel lacus.

THIS IS JUST FOR ILUSTRATE What I MEAN WITH THIS QUESTION... and of course, this is just a part of the landing page..

could anyone explain me how to do this?
thanks a lot

Fernando R

03-03-2009, 04:57 PM
First off, do you have an html editor by any chance? Like Dreamweaver, rapidweaver, golive, bbedit, or any such program of that nature? Because if you do, you would just open the template up in said program, make the changes to the text you want to make, save it, and then proceed to upload the edited template to your server, and that would pretty much be it.

imported_Kim Roach
03-04-2009, 10:38 AM
I like to use NVU (http://www.net2.com/nvu/), which is an incredible WYSIWYG HTML editor that's free!

You can download it at...


03-04-2009, 03:53 PM
Thanks Kim!!!!
i appreciate it!!

imported_Kim Roach
03-04-2009, 08:35 PM
Hey Fernando,


Glad you like it :)

Vincent Sparreboom
03-05-2009, 09:58 AM
That http://www.net2.com/nvu/ looks like a great tool indeed.

I might need this one for some friends, thanks a lot!

San Bhatt
03-06-2009, 07:11 AM
I often edit them in MS-Word and then save it as HTML (it's under file save as...).

But it isn't good for seo.. for that you may consider getting a professional wysiwyg editor like dreamweaver or frontpage


03-13-2009, 12:57 PM
Dreamweaver Works Best For Me

Pieter van Schalkwyk
03-18-2009, 06:55 AM
I found a great book on website design. It is titled "Web Design for ROI : Turning browsers into buyers & prospects into leads". It is very practical and shows various layout designs etc. There is also a Web Site Strategy template on the website at http://www.wd4roi.com/bonus-materials.html [no affiliate link].