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Rivers Corbett
11-24-2008, 07:20 PM
Rice is typically an Asian food. Westerns do not eat rice, but Asians especially Chinese and Indians are growing in U.S. Thus, importing (or exporting) rice is promising. Aside from it is basic food for Asians, rice offers a new market for developing and underdeveloped countries who are striving to market rice in a higher price.

Any small and home business can take advantage of the rice opportunity. But first, rice traders should have a business permit and license to trade from local governments and food authorities.

Second, you should invest on basic facilities like weighing scales, clean storage area, rice boxes and price tags. Weighing scales are always the first equipment that rice businessmen buy. A clean storage area is also important because it will prevent food from being damaged.

This step may be fourth, but this stepófinding rice supplierócan basically be a first start. You may look for wholesalers, millers or directly from farmers in the countryside or province. It is here where you carefully study your joint venture agreement.

Finding your rice supplier may depend on the variety of rice that you are looking. If you have more variety of rice to sell, then you need more rice supplier. Rice varieties vary according to grain size (long, medium, short), variety (modern, traditional), purity (degree of milling), percentage of broken grains, moisture content

You should carefully maintain your joint ventures with rice suppliers to keep a regular supply.

Fifth is developing and installing an inventory system. The system is important when your rice business expands. You need more assistants to weigh, test, store and price all your supplies. Unlike any other business, location of your rice center should not necessarily be in a foot traffic area unless your center is a rice outlet.

You can dismiss location factor if you complete a joint venture with rice buyers and users like canteens, food restaurants and offices as rice subsidy benefits.

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