View Full Version : How to use Online Marketing Services as your Secret Weapon in Joint Ventures

Rivers Corbett
11-17-2008, 09:44 PM
As the number of Internet users rapidly grows in every corner of the globe, online marketing services mushrooms too. In India alone, there are approximately 32 million active Internet users. This means that people are more likely to settle 'buying' into the cyberspace . In response, the demand of online advertising grows too thereby creating more opportunities for new business ventures.

Online Marketing services include SEO or Search engine optimization, email marketing, article marketing, e-newsletters, press releases, among the others. This paved the way for a new industry to boom - online businesses.

This also has provided the growth of small home based businesses like leads generation, english tutorial services for Japanese and Koreans, affiliate marketing (pay per click, etc.), online banner advertising space, virtual personal assistants, online photography business, article writing for ezine websites and many others.

Outsourcing companies who provide online marketing services often make money from short term contracts which usually last for two to three weeks. They provide leads for telemarketing firms (business to consumer and business to business), website design and making, database management of their clients such as schedules and appointments, email correspondents, business directory listings, SEO or web traffic increase for small to medium sized businesses who cant seem to make their websites get to the top of search engines, and market CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for companies who still use the old school paper based filing systems.

Moreover, online marketing services are just about everything you can sell on the internet. Good thing about this field is you can do your own business at your own pace - time freedom. Although you need to pass projects on certain deadlines, itís still better than putting up all your money to start up a small business firm, you can try one or more types depending on your time availability.

In addition, online marketing is a must for all companies since more and more people, especially ages from 18-35 go online to obtain information such as news, communications and financial services. So ignoring the need to have your space online is just like ignoring one of your key clients/customers. Since the direction is into cyberspace, companies who would want to improve their sales output and maintain a solid client base must reserve their space the soonest time possible.

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