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Rivers Corbett
10-21-2008, 02:50 AM
Ideas—or advocacies—are hard to push alone unless the person has formidable resources and influence. A critical mass or group must be behind them.

Al Gore did a remarkable solo revolution for the global warming, but the critical mass that he inspired caused the exponential spread of his advocacy. The US Climate Action Partnership, a joint venture of private firms like BP America, General Electric, Lehman Brothers, Caterpillar and WalMart, advocated to the government to act on climate change and impose regulations on industrial carbon dioxide.

Though US government still does not have concrete actions on their advocacies, green business is slowly staging up. WalMart, in fact, is reducing packaging, waste and energy use. More green banks lend money for environment-friendly businesses. General Electric designed and implemented Ecomagination program. DuPont stopped producing chlorofluorocarbons and focused on starch-made Sorona polymer. Hummer is also stopping its productions of fuel-consuming big cars.

Clinton Global Initiatives, for one, a special project of Former US President Bill Clinton, forges joint ventures to fight against diseases, environment and poverty. As it continued to rally its interests, it drew Al Gore, Bono, Bill Gates, politicians, celebrities, academes, scientists and others. Soon, the initiative is gaining more support and funds.

In Iceland, President Olafur Grimsson is also on a joint venture with Columbia University, University of Iceland, University of Toulouse and Reykjavik Energy scientists to reduce carbon dioxide by capturing and injecting them into basalt. The carbon dioxide will form a mineral and stay in the rock for million years. The process is carbon sequestration. Such joint venture converted Iceland from coal to clean and renewable geothermal resources. It also pioneered studies in soil carbon sequestration and hydrogen-powered transmission.

The trend indicated that joint venture or collective action is indeed working and still the best way.

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