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Rivers Corbett
10-21-2008, 02:49 AM

Taking on McDonald Burger Value Meal, you see a tray of 1 Mcdo burger, 1 regular fries and 1 Pepsi soda. The value meal instantly tells us that McDonald and Pepsi Cola have a joint venture agreement. Taking on McDonald Burger Happy Meal, you see a tray of 1 McDo Burger, 1 regular fries, 1 Pepsi soda and 1 Buzz Lightyear toy of Toy Story movie. The happy meal tells us again that McDonald has another special joint venture agreement with not only Pepsi Cola but with Pixar, the creators of Toy Story.

Such joint venture agreements are creative food creation. The happy meals do not only cut they monotony of same food, but also value-add the usual meal with a toy. The value meal also is multi-level marketing strategy of McDonald to draw more children to eat in their food chains.

The said joint venture agreement also is an integrated marketing campaign for McDonalds, Pepsi Cola and Toy Story movie. While McDonalds sells 1 Burger Happy Meal, it markets Pepsi Cola and Toy Story movie to the parent and the kid. While Pepsi Cola shows its television ad, it also inserts a small logo or short ad about McDonald and Toy Story. While movie houses show Toy Story movie trailer, McDonald and Pepsi Cola ads instantly followed or inserted.

Small and home businesses can likewise make a similar joint venture agreement. A home business owner, say, ready-to-wear clothes, will partner with another home business owner like accessories and jewelries. They will sell clothes and accessories altogether at an agreed package price. To market their garment packages more, 2 home business owners can join with an event organizer, say, a sorority party event. Together, they can make a new joint venture agreement, particularly, product prices.

Under the new joint venture agreement, the garment package can be priced higher to include party ticket. The event organizer, on the other hand, can offset the space rent for the clothes and accessories. It is eventually a win-win joint venture agreement. While the sorority party will offer more garment buyers, the garment package sellers will bring in more party entrants.

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