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Amin Sadak
05-21-2017, 06:56 AM
Hi, What advice would you give someone who has created a great product but doesn't have a list or JV partners.

How would he launch with a bang with no resources like this?

Appreciate the help,


Peter Prins
09-27-2017, 10:41 AM
I tried doing it myself recently...

And I failed miserably.

If you don't have (a) an audience, or (b) a list, or (c) deep pockets, or (d) a solid JV partnership...

GET ONE (any one of the four).

You can either take the time and build your own list/audience, or you can bring a partner on board who can carry the advertising costs, or you can get access to someone else's audience or list.

You can even consider doing it like Danny Iny (from Mirasee) did - he published guest posts on (roughly) a dozen of the top blogs that had audiences including his target market. But - he did them all simultaneously.

He was "everywhere at once" - and it worked for him. He gained access to other people's audiences - for free.

But without any of those four...

You will need something truly mind blowing in order to get a "bang" - and hope that your own promotion for it goes viral.

Sorry - just my 0.02c - from personal experiences (this wasn't my first/only failure either).