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Rivers Corbett
09-30-2008, 12:22 AM
What powered the affiliate programs of any company is not merely its compensation or incentive package, but its broad content, cost-effective tools and after-sales services.

These all draw sellers (and buyers) in and Amazon did it so right. Today, they are one of the leading online multi-level marketing platforms.

The company has a broad content of affiliate marketing solutions, from plain product selling to product advertisement, publishing and even web exposure.

Their Pro Merchant program alone is a hit! It reaches 76 million active buyers but does not cost a seller any cent until product sells. Amazon also provides an e-commerce and merchandising technology for seamless online trading. It even provides a space for sellers with own website and line of products through the Product Ads program. Through the program, products not only exposed, but buyers can directly view and buy products from the sellerís web site.

Even then, Amazon.com and other online trading hubs cannot simply revolutionize e-commerce without after-sales services, particularly product shipping. A buyer with a credit card cannot simply buy-in online trades without fast and cost-wise shipping. Amazon.com does itóthey get, they pack and they ship the product the buyer bought. Thanks for their 10 years of experience and networks of freight and cargo carriers.
Amazon.com just exposes a sellerís product to a broad channel of online display advertising, online Product Ads and even offline package inserts. What more, they also pays referral fees up to 10-15%, through the affiliate marketing program, every time a web site links Amazon products.
With the changing tide of music, book and film industries, Amazon.com places a premium spot on publishers, label, or studio through the Amazon Advantage. They particularly post some book details and directly connect with targeted readers with online exchange through Amazon Connect. Their Amazon Shorts also publish and drive sales of short fiction and nonfiction books. They also expose sample pages and even some words found in books through Search Inside program. Search Inside offers easy search of books. Amazon also offers on-demand publishing services, including e-Books, at a cheaper cost.
These services make up their successful internet affiliate marketing. Their services drove internet traffic to their site and the application is simple and free.

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