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  2. Wats sup wats sup wats sup
  3. Something cool , really cool is coming
  4. My name is Curtis, and I'm an...
  5. Hello everyone, Chris Douthit here...
  6. Hello from Osaka, Japan. Kevin Riley here.
  7. Greetings From Scotland...
  8. Hello from Brian T. Edmondson...
  9. Hey, it's Sim!
  10. Carson Here!
  11. Hey it's Edmund Loh here
  12. Hello from Peter Twist
  13. Hello from NC - Sam Knoll here!
  14. Hey Everyone - James Francis here...
  15. Doug Champigny with a big HELLO from Canada...
  16. Dr.Mani - the Internet Infopreneur from India says HELLO!
  17. Hey Bryan Dulaney The Closer™ Here!
  18. Hello From (STILL COLD) Newport, RI!
  19. Rob from Instantslideup !
  20. G'day from Australia
  21. Hi all
  22. Yo! from Chris Freville
  23. Joey Kissimmee here...
  24. It's Sonny King, dropping a quick line...
  25. Sup Studs? Eric Louviere Here...
  26. Matt Gill is in da house!
  27. Introducing myself again!
  28. Dr. Nick Chou reporting from Long Island, NY (Summer is almost here!)
  29. Jeffery Baxter, Jr here..
  30. Errol Campbell....10+ Years Helping People Achieve Their Life & Income Goals
  31. Bryant Jones aka The Dude...
  32. Newbie-Veteran Hybrid Breaks Into The Online Scene...
  33. Keith Thompson checking in!
  34. Taking The Leap .....
  35. Sig File ??
  36. I'm New Here. Hi!
  37. Salutations & Greetings 2all!
  38. Thank you for the Invite To JVNotify
  39. Hello word to all JV notifi Pro Member
  40. Hey guys, from Precious...
  41. Just arrived here. Just want to say Hi!!
  42. helo all
  43. Hey All --- new here...
  44. Hi All...I think I'm HOME :)
  45. Hi Everyone - New here.
  46. Hi, First Post :D
  47. Leon Cleutjens
  48. Web Developer and JV/ Affiliate Manager
  49. Introduction
  50. Hi all, it's Jeffrey here from Ads Placement Locator
  51. Hi its christopher valentin for you
  52. Hello To YOu All from Michael Podgoesky
  53. Newbie
  54. Been here before. Now I'm back.
  55. Hello everyone! i am new to the forums!
  56. Mike McAleer Here~~ 17 Year Old Internet Marketer
  57. Promoting New product launches- best way before a launch
  58. Hello!
  59. I'm here to make YOU more money! :)
  60. New Here But Not A Newbie!
  61. Hi I'm Beverley
  62. Hello Everyone
  63. Greetings From Manchester, UK
  64. Hello from San Diego!
  65. Hi from Paris, France
  66. Hi Mike and everyone else!!!
  67. Hello All. Flex Programmer from the UK
  68. Hey Looking Forward to some Amazing Friendships Here
  69. introduction
  70. Good day to you all, from the south of France
  71. First Timer
  72. Hi guys. Have been using jvnotify for about two yrs...
  73. Hey There Everybody!!!!
  74. Laurie Gerber
  75. Giuseppe Falzone
  76. hello from an experienced newbie
  77. Hello My name is Jose
  78. New to the site but not 'new' to marketing
  79. Hey
  80. It's been a long time!
  81. New, new newbie
  82. I Finally Made It
  83. Oops, posted in the wrong area! My apologies.
  84. Kenster in da house
  85. I'm Back!!! :)
  86. Hello!
  87. Hello Everyone!
  88. I am Shez - which doesn't sound as cool as I Am Legend
  89. Hello from Australia
  90. Hello from Florida
  91. You are the reason I'm here!
  92. Hello Fellow Marketers!
  93. Hello From Germany...American In Germany That Is
  94. Hello From Mexico!
  95. Hello from J.V Nathan Loftus
  96. Very New Newbie From Las Vegas
  97. First Post!+ Cool Things!
  98. Hello everyone!
  99. Hi from California!
  100. Hello From Saskatchewan!!!
  101. Mark Hendricks say Hi to everyone
  102. Please allow myself to introdce, urgh.. Myself.
  103. Preparing for my launch
  104. Hi this is shubham
  105. Greetings I appreciate the opportunity to join a group of experienced marketers
  106. Hi Guys, Excited To Be Here..I Just Quit Offline & Going Mainstream:)
  107. Hi .. Just joined little while ago
  108. This is a whole new world
  109. New Member As Of Late Last Night
  110. Greetings
  111. Hi Guys, New Here....
  112. Hi, I am Trying To Lose That Groundhog Day Feeling!
  113. Hi, I'm Rich Butterworth - no longer at XSitePro - now setting up a new venture...
  114. A Simple Introduction
  115. Welcome you!
  116. Introduce yourself
  117. Newbie but willing to learn from others.
  118. Hello everyone!
  119. Simon Greenhalgh AKA Linkwhizz
  120. Hello to you all...
  121. !!!!wzup!!!!
  122. Shout Out to All My Fellow JVer's
  123. Hi Fellow Jv Members
  124. Nina the Cute IM Girl looking to Assist
  125. Howdy All
  126. New To This Wonderful Place, Like to Say Hi To Everyone!
  127. Newbie From India
  128. Hello, I am Barbara Goodman
  129. Hello,I'm new
  130. Awesome to be here, let's have a stellar 2012
  131. Hey Everyone
  132. Hi Everyone!
  133. Hi Everybody
  134. Hi everybody
  135. Hello from Ohio!
  136. Hello everyone form the sunny UK (not)
  137. My turn to introduce myself! :)
  138. Hello from the friendly internet marketer!
  139. Hello from Colombia (South america)
  140. Greetings
  141. I feel like the new guy in class.
  142. Hello Everyone, I'm a webinar guy
  143. Hi JVNP fellows !
  144. Social Media Mixer Thread - Share Your Links Here!
  145. Hello from beautful Bosnia
  146. I'm new and ready to show off!
  147. Hello Everybody
  148. Hello Everybody
  149. Meet your Future JV Broker
  150. Austin TX
  151. Awesome - JV'ers Thanks For The Warm Welcome
  152. Hi This is my first at this so please bare with me, Thanks
  153. David Perdew here - introducing myself after being a member for awhile...
  154. I'm new and looking to do some big JV's
  155. A tentative Hallo.
  156. Hello, I am really new at all this, so, please bare with me for being a newbie
  157. Hello to one and all
  158. Hello form GA, need some help to get pointed in the right direction.
  159. I love climbing...and getting to meet YOU!
  160. Introducing Jeremy Smith
  161. Hello - Nice too Meet Everyone!
  162. Greetings my friends
  163. Greeting From England
  164. Bonjour! Martin McNally here !
  165. Warm regards from Malaysia!
  166. Hello, My names Daniel Mccarthy
  167. >>>>>Tongan Kid From The Block<<<<<
  168. Hi, My name is Dave.
  169. Hello Every1
  170. Hello from Christopher
  171. I Know Just Enought to Get Myself into Trouble :)
  172. Hi I'm Alfredo
  173. Hello, Charles Here.
  174. Good Day to All, I am Brent...
  175. Hi From Gary Mathew
  176. Mari here, IM newbie (at least for now ^_^)
  177. Hello from a New Member
  178. Hi I'm Rob
  179. janice here totally new internet marketer
  180. Zach here--I'm a product creator and own a Philippines web design outsourcing center
  181. Hello!
  182. Shardul Doshi Here...
  183. Hey! Lea Rosa Garcia here...
  184. Hi, It's Arief from Indonesia, Product Creator for WP Products :-)
  185. John Segui here (another newbie)
  186. Hello From Todd Pedersen
  187. IM: A Brand New Expierience
  188. I would like to invite you all for a glass of champagne!
  189. Hello World, Doug Perkins Here!
  190. hello Rachel Piukala
  191. Newby
  192. Hey Guys!
  193. Greetings All
  194. Hello everyone
  195. Hello, my name is...
  196. Hello My name is Doug Mayhew
  197. Hello my name is Lorcan Kinsella
  198. Hi, I'm Viv
  199. Hey guys, Joel here
  200. Hello Staci here,newbie
  201. Excited To Be Here
  202. Hello, this is Marek here...
  203. Konnichiwa from Japan...
  204. Hi, my name's Jim and I'm a workaholic. Partnerships are kinda tough for me.
  205. Beginning the Internet Marketing trail.
  206. I think it's about time...
  207. Now My Level: Beginner
  208. Happy To Be In The Game!
  209. Hey all, Douglas here from the UK...
  210. Mexican living in Switzerland
  211. Hello this is Enis!
  212. Hi, I'm New Here!
  213. Hey Guys!
  214. Introducing Myself
  215. Introducing myself: Ozer Tayiz, JV Broker In Training, Coached by Willie Crawford
  216. Hello Everyone
  217. So Excited to Network With This Community
  218. 16 And Making A Killing:)
  219. William Souza: Hey, everyone!
  220. Introduction Time, Hello
  221. Hello! New Here
  222. From selling $50k RE certificates to launching products..
  223. Am I here yet?
  224. Hi from downunder
  225. New
  226. Hello
  227. Hi Everyone
  228. Hey folks - glad to be part of the JVNP!
  229. Hi to All
  230. Hello from Jay 'jaggyjay' Garces Jr
  231. Hey there...
  232. Hello From London, England
  233. Hi everyone!
  234. Hello! Just Wanted To Introduce Myself
  235. Hello From Adelaide, South Australia - Rick Nuske
  236. HI guys.......
  237. Hey Hey!
  238. Hi! I'm Cindy the "Newbie" to this Forum
  239. Newbie on JVNotify Community Forum
  240. Howdy from Oklahoma!
  241. Big Howdy From Texas
  242. Hello everyone. Miri, Sarawak
  243. A hello from the UK!
  244. Very excited to be a part of this community
  245. Yah hey dere from the Northwoods of Wisconsin!
  246. G'day from Down Under
  247. newbie but oldie
  248. new to jvnotifypro
  249. Hello everyone
  250. I would like to introduce myself