Joe Bodek - Live The Sweet Life (without all the sugar) - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, November 2nd 2015

My name is Janet Sanders. I am an Integrative Nutrition Certified Health & Diabetes Coach.

I want to invite you to join my newest launch that not only pays great, but is going to help millions of people around the world get rid of the sugar blues. Together we are putting a major dent in the diabetes and obesity epidemic.

Get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest growing areas in Health Care. Blood Sugar & Diabetes Coaching with a state of the art, fully on-line, mobile ready coaching program that is changing people lives. If adding income (and helping others) is on your radar, this is a great opportunity.

I am looking to build a long term relationship with my affiliates and will be offering new product release about every 8 weeks or so which will keep your pipeline filled. I am also offering 100% commission on this launch!

As participants challenge themselves to complete all of the module tasks, they are cutting back on sugar,improving their health, and gaining confidence in their ability to live a low sugar lifestyle.

Participants receive 3 mobile ready coaching modules presented using videos, audios and other coaching materials.
Each module is mobile ready for total flexibility and is jam packed with practical coaching and action steps that guide users through the modules.

Diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity and related chronic diseases are on the rise all around the world, and my goal is to provide Convenient, Affordable & Sustainable coaching solutions to as many people who need it. I created this program for the millions of people who are still struggling with sugar, still stuck, and unsure of the next steps to take. And, this year I am on a mission to change more lives than ever before.

I look forward to a long a prosperous relationship with you so visit my JV page and let's make it happen!


Joe Bodek - Live The Sweet Life (without all the sugar) - JV Invite