Karl Schuckert - NowDriven [Ultimate Contact Center] - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, August 18th 2015

Hi Friends,

I want to invite you to a fantastic launch happening that works for many different industries. I'm Karl Schuckert a world class sales trainer for over 10 years and a 15 year veteran of the sales industry. I run and operate a sales trainers web platform.

Over the years of working inside and outside direct sales I have tried many different contact programs and services only to find mass confusion along with two many extra steps for basic functions during my working experience. This would lead me to "stop" using these programs and just go back to working the old fashion way. Using a pen and paper and a schedule.

This is what led me to design and develop NowDriven. Which has been in the works for over 2 years now. Plus during that time frame I have been studying the IM market. And forming NowDriven around the market.

As you will find out NowDriven has many benefits for the IM market. We are also gearing up for a huge contest with over $34K in cash and prizes. I want to welcome you on board and see you on the leaderboard. Someone could easily cherry pick this and dominate it.

It's a defiant look through for someone looking to provide a great product and service to their list. I'm very confident you will love it and so will your list.

Let's get in contact with one another and put together a plan to knock it out of the park!

Karl Schuckert - NowDriven [Ultimate Contact Center] - JV Invite