Ok so once you know you have a solid product that converts...now its time to give it legs. One thing i've had fun doing with various niches including IM is taking my Affiliate Program and then duplicating and packaging/presenting it as a BIZ OPP....

This opens your product up to a much wider realm of audience outside of JUST the IM community...keep in mind biz oppers need marketing tools,courses and wanna earn money .... just like IM'ers do.

After all....we're all IM'ers when you really look at. IM/MMO play very closely together.

Two pieces of software that i've used to package & present my previous Affiliate Progams' as Biz Opps are ....


One neat thing is that both of these allow you to set up Multi-tier affiliate programs...which immediately makes your product attractive to the 'Biz Opp' community.

Notice...I never said discontinue your normal affiliate program, what i'm talking about here is establishing another CHANNEL of distribution for your already proven product(s).

Now I realize many get Squeamish at the term Biz Opp...it may conjure up images of the FTC and so on....however thats outside the scope of this post. Simply following the regulations and having the proper site disclaimers in place should help you avoid these problems anyway.

Ok...so my point in all this is that the Internet is all about dissemination, channeling and distribution.

A good product launch does NOT give your product legs....it gives it FLIGHT. But what happens after it comes back down to earth and settles?

Once you know your product can walk(convert) ...then its time to make it run(increase distribution)...remember 'Money Loves Speed'.

Later Gator,