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Thread: Vendor/Publisher JV invite for Mobile Website Development

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    Red face Vendor/Publisher JV invite for Mobile Website Development

    Its 2012 and Mobile Marketing is NO longer optional
    Your customers are addicted to mobile devices
    and if your website is NOT Mobile Friendly
    you are turning away buying customers Everyday..

    Statistics show that 87% of Mobile users will leave a site almost
    immediately if its NOT Mobile Friendly.

    Integrate Mobile into everything you already do so that you can max-out all your traffic. Businesses without a well-developed mobile strategy are not only missing a tremendous sales & profit opportunity with their customers but also risk becoming obsolete in the minds of their affiliates.

    If your website is not mobile friendly, if your website does not provide the best user experience, you will loose to those who do.

    Vendor/Publisher JV invite for Mobile Website Development

    I will build and manage a professional mobilized version of your current desktop website. So when a ‘Mobile Browser’ is detected, the mobile visitor to your website is seamlessly redirected to a mobilized version for easy viewing. There will be no need to modify your current marketing campaign, as ONLY your EXISTING mobile traffic will be redirected to your new mobile friendly website.

    In exchange I obtain a agreed affiliate credit or commissions, from sales/leads made from the mobile website I create for you.

    Want to see what your website would look like mobilized compared to your current desktop site? Visit here to view gallery of before and after Gallery.

    Not problem, just PM me your website details and I would be happy to do an evaluation of your website showing you what mobile users see when they visit your site. I will also create for you a working demo mobile friendly version of your website This way you will be able to experience the difference first hand between your existing site and a mobile friendly version. Plus be able to see what I can bring to the table.

    You’ll get a quick video from me walking you through an explanation of what your customers are currently viewing, compared to the experience of viewing a mobile friendly site.

    At that point, being armed with this new information the decision will be yours to make.

    1... Accept my Vendor/publisher JV Offer and get your site mobilized.
    2... You can certainly take on the task yourself, or you’re always welcome to hire me for a flat fee.
    3... You can do nothing and leave things as they are. (financial suicide)

    The chances are you are losing sales right now because your mobile prospect can’t view or read your site. So you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. A true Win Win arrangement. A Perfect JV Partnership, there is NO DOWNSIDE, there is NO RISK, there is NO cost

    Types of JV Contracts I’ll Accept:
    Traditional JV Contract-Allows a product vendor to give a portion of their earnings from a sale to another client, such as a partner, copywriter, designer, customer service manager, Mobile website creator or anyone they wish

    Affiliate JV Contract- Allows two or more affiliates to share the affiliate commission on a sale. This is a great way for affiliates to partner on an advertising campaign or collaborate on projects.
    Source:- ClickBanks new Joint Venture Contracts feature

    I will work with you and be guided by your feedback to create the best possible mobilized version of your current desktop website. You wont have to do a thing, except give me your approval to commence work. I’ll will even have the mobile redirect inserted on your main site if required.

    Spots are currently open.. (but limited to the number available at any given time, due to the amount of work involved)

    I am open to all offers so lets talk, all you need to do to get the ball rolling is PM me or email me on elogicway@gmail.com

    Looking forward to your replies
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    Mobilizie your pitch page, Affiliates are losing sales due to high bounce rates from Mobile prospects.
    iphones and ipads cant view your flash videos.
    JV Mobilized Websites

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