We've got an exclusive JV invite from long time
JV Notify Pro Partner Anik Singal, Buzz Builders ...
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- Mike

Anik Singal - Affiliate Classroom 2.0 JV Invite
Prelaunch Begins Tuesday, July 28th
Launch Day Is Tuesday, August 11th - 12 Noon EST

Hi, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner ...

After 2 years in underground development,
Anik Singal (and Lurn, Inc.) are finally releasing
Affiliate Classroom 2.0 on August 11th!

The best analogy for AC 2.0 is an online University.

=> Releasing over 50 courses on affiliate marketing
(From COMPLETE Beginner to Advanced)

=> TOOLS - Yes, "one stop shop" - Affiliates will now
have EVERY tool they need (including keyword
research and even a site builder)!

=> Proprietary online STEP BY STEP Training system
that actually tracks student's success...

=> Testing/Certification - all included

It's taken over 2 years to build this and it's expected
to absolutely blow the market away - this is going to
be Anik Singal's LARGEST launch ever.

Giving Away a 2010 CAMARO,
TVs, Laptops, Computers & Much

As always there will be an amazing pre-launch
competition and even an amazing SALES competition.

Anik's BEST prizes ever to be offered for this launch.

This launch is already getting a lot of attention and
attraction so join NOW!


Pre-Launch - July 28th

Launch - 12 PM ET, August 11th


Earn Up To $350 UP-FRONT For Giving Away
Free memberships. Yes, free, no credit card
will even be required!

Anik Singal has proven over and over that he
can create VERY well converting systems, so
don't miss out on this.

*** You also get tagged and hard-coded into
the database for LIFE (all future launches by
Anik Singal will be done through this system).

You'll get commissions for life on the recurring
AND any future product he releases.


Sign-up right away and get ready to start
promoting on July 28th!


The Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Team


Buzz Builders

Chris Fox - Google Cash Sniper JV Invite
Launched Just This Past Tuesday, July 7th 2009

I'm inviting about 47 partners to this launch and would
be delighted if you joined in. Your list should be very
receptive to this offer. The course is being sold via
Clickbank and the commission is 60%. The product
price is $77 up front with $47 recurring backend sale.

'Heavy Hitters" like Andrew Fox, Chris X & Ken
(Dayjobkiller Team), Rob Benwell, Steven Lee Jones,
Mo Latif and others are already on board.

I will keep you posted with what's happening during
the launch and will have some killer content that should
make your list desperate to get their hands on the
Google Cash Sniper.

I've ran tests behind closed doors on the pre-launch
content already and people are loving it ...


Chris Cobb - ClickBank-Cash System JV Invite
Launched Just This Past Tuesday, July 7th 2009

The new product - ClickBank-Cash - is exactly as it
sounds. It's all about using ClickBank, but it's also
very specific.

Chris makes a lot of money through membership sites,
continuity programs, and Clickbank recurring billing
as well as through selling a lot of physical products
outside of the Internet Marketing and make mone.y
online niches... and he's going to show you and your
customers how to do the same...

This is not only a solid product, but it will also have
the marketing to match. Chris writes his own copy
and it always pulls well - I've seen him sell products
at $20, right up to $8,000 and his copy always converts!

To get the full details ...


Howie Schwartz - IM Remarkable JV Invite
Prelaunch Commenced Tuesday, June 23rd 2009
Launch Day - Tuesday, July 14th 2009

"IM Remarkable" is a new concept designed to really
help people get "UNSTUCK", and find the best way for
them to start making it online. It's not about my
personal secrets to success. It's not about anyone else's.

See, I believe we all need to "Unlock Our Own Secret".
We're all different, and what works for you or I doesn't
always work for the masses.

So me and my expert team are about to change that...

When a person joins, the first thing that will happen is
we're going to assess them. That way we can determine
the best path for THEM to finally make it online!


Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason - Marketing Main
Event 4 JV Invite
Prelaunch Commenced Tuesday, June 30th
Launch Day Is Tuesday, July 14th 8AM, EST

On July 14th, after a gap of two years, the mighty
'Marketing Main Event' series rolls back into town
in it's fourth and biggest ever release...

** -> And we want *YOU* to be part of it! <- **

Guys this is going to be *HUGE* and we expect some
of the people reading this to smash into six figure
sales during our one week launch!

We've spent our time away developing and honing a
system that so far has generated almost $8 Million
in sales AND poured a staggering *235,000* members
into our network...

When we go live this proven system will be handed
over, 'lock stock and barrel' to MME4 buyers

* NOT in the form of a training course...

* NOT in the form of some software app...

But as a fully automated, click and go, licensed
system *that anyone* can start with instantly!

Guys the value proposition in MME4 is totally off
the scale... And come launch day people will be
ready to claw each others faces off to get access!

Over the last 3 launches Marketing Main Event has
paid out over $1Million in commissions to over 300
affiliates and JV Partners just like you!

And Marketing Main Event 4 is *the* one to win!


Ryan Higgins - Mind Movies Relaunch JV Invite
Prelaunch Commenced Tuesday, June 30th 2009
Launch Day Is Tuesday, July 14th 2009

Your friends at Mind Movies are doing it all again ...

That's right ... we are relaunching Mind Movies on July

If somehow you haven't heard of Mind Movies, we
orchestrated one of the biggest launches in our niche
last year.

It grossed $750 000 with around 50% of that being
paid to affiliates.

Our sales page was converting at 37% on launch
day & was averaging over 10% throughout the
launch week.

The stick rate in our continuity program was over
75% in the first month & still remains very strong 7
months later.

Safe to say ... we know what we're doing.

You can find out more & get an insiders look at
the entire launch game plan here...


Brian G. Johnson - Commission Ritual JV Invite
Prelaunch Commenced Tuesday, June 30th 2009
Launch Day Is Tuesday, July 21st 2009

Over the past year I have made absolute killings
as an affiliate in a number of niche markets
including seasonal niches (Halloween), health
markets and Internet marketing product launches.

My "Ritual Marketing" system has produced
numerous top Google rankings and job-ending
affiliate commissions, even as much as $26,498.50
in seven short days ... start to finish.

Everything has been documented, each step of the
way has been noted in a massive course that could
easily be sold for hundreds of dollars. However,
your subscribers will thank you when they see the
low launch price of just $77 which will then increase
to $97 post the launch. I have also put an O.T.O in
place which is sure to convert like gangbusters and
it will put reoccurring revenue in your pockets for
months to come.


Saj P. - Zero Friction Marketing JV Invite
Pre-launch Video: Monday, July 27th - 12 Noon EST
Launch Day Is Tuesday, July 28th - 12 Noon EST

First of all anyone reading this that doesn't know me:
I am the author of ClickBank No 1 Best Sellers

Four Tier Annihilation Method, Affiliate Payload, The
Site Rush and Affiliate Funnel System.

All of these were monster launches with huge buzz,
and made me and my JVs a lot of money.

Now on Tuesday July 28th I am launching my latest
product Zero Friction Marketing. This launch is totally
unique and is going to tear up the ClickBank market
place. We have every big name in the industry set to
promote so expect this to be huge...

We all know that CPA is a huge 'buzz word' in our
industry right about now, and those of you that know
me will know that I have been making a killing with
CPA offers long before people even knew what the
word meant. I was one of the first people in the
Internet Marketing niche to release a CPA related
course 'Affiliate Payload' which I marketed in
partnership with Alex Goad and it instantly shot to
No 1 in ClickBank, created a huge buzz online and
made a lot of people that implemented the techniques
some serious job crushing income.

Since then I have seen so many CPA related products
on the market place many of which are total BS and
written by people who have never made a dime online
with CPA offers!

Well that's all about to change as I am ready to unleash
the biggest CPA beast online ...


Michael Cheney - Delta Squadron JV Invite
Prelaunch Begins Tuesday, September 22nd 2009
Launch Day Is Thursday, October 1st 2009

** Killer Commissions x 7 **
You're getting paid one-off lump cash and recurring CASH
on SEVEN different commission streams

** Click Me Baby One More Time **
You can make $422 per sale from easy, irresistible
one-click upsells that will convert like crazy

** Crazy Conversions **
You'll witness OBSCENE conversions as the proof-packed
prelaunch primes prospects. You'll never make easier
sales as the "high ticket style" prelaunch with full content
videos and reports whips prospects into a buying frenzy!

** Unprecedented Prelaunch **
Kicking off with a 30-page controversial report and then
SIX content-packed videos shot in Las Vegas, Paris,
Amsterdam, Manchester United Football Club and Delta
Squadron HQ in Scotland!



Shawn Casey & Matt Bacak - Fast Affiliate Cash Training
System JV Invite

Shawn Casey and I came together and created a brand
new product on affiliate marketing called:

"The FACTS" (Fast Affiliate Cash Training System)

It's ROCKin :-)

Emails are below, I'll get your affiliate link out to you ...

Go here and sign up now to get started ...



Rhys Davies, Cam Forbes, Dan Leman, Michael Edwards,
Steven Johnson, Mo Latif, Tim Godfrey, Brad Callen,
and other fellow JV Notify Pro partners are waiting in the
wings ... keep your eyes on your Inbox, and follow the
action in the archives:



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