Coach Remi - Sacred Sweet Spot - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, June 27th 2017


My name is Coach Remi, I am an author and a Law Of Attraction Coach & Practitioner.

I work with women entrepreneurs and women in general teaching them how to actively manifest and create the life they desire by making mindset shifts.

I create coaching programs that forces them to go to there next level in business and in life.

This program will address mental and emotional blocks that keeps most people in a state of stagnation. I teach students how to confront the blocks by empowering them with the tools of utilizing the principles of the Law Of Attraction.

I have launch my first product in Jvzoo called the "Sacred Sweet Spot"...

I am looking to partner with Affiliates that are looking to create a lasting relationship in my effort to getting my message and program in the hands of those who needs it the most.

The commission for this product is 50%.

I have also used this program in my group coaching program and my students have all made great transformation in their lives and in business.

Coach Remi - Sacred Sweet Spot - JV Invite