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Since only a very few people are going to be reading this thinking 'oh man, I wonder what he was like as a six year old'... we'll jump right into recent history instead, shall we?

After several years of employment and almost a dozen separate jobs in almost as many years, I've come to the conclusion that I am NOT an employee.

I can be a specialist.
I can be a freelancer.
I can be an outside consultant.

I can be the man with the plan.
I can be the go to guy.
I can be a gun for hire...

But I simply cannot be an 'employee'... it kills my soul.

That's the entrepreneurial spirit I suppose, and I imagine you, along with many others who read this will feel the same way.

Anyway, by combining some of my greatest all-time passions (influence and persuasion, crafting of the written word, delving into the depths of human impulse) I've found myself here.

Sitting pretty as a mostly underground, yet world-class, copywriter.

In essence, you'll likely have only heard of me because someone you respect recommended me. It's how I prefer to work.

I thrive when I'm writing a letter focused on any one of the three keys to human success:

Health (Big, Strong, Lean and Well)
Wealth (Making That Money)
and Happiness (Sex and Love)

I'm also apparently a lot of fun to work with... not my words.

Not England. But it will be again soon...
Cooking Caveman Style... Surfing, Writing Mind-Blowing Copyyyyyah... and I might take up Golf soon
Online Publishing for Offline Clients... And creating the most compelling prose you've ever paid for


The Underground Copywriter

Sex Sells...

My Sales Letters Sell...


My Sales Letters Must Equal Sex.

.... how splendid.

The Underground Copywriter


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