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Brian Nori
11-24-2014, 02:35 PM
Mastermind Media - Roulette Ruler - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, January 7th 2015


This underground software proves that making money isn't always complicated.

I'd like to introduce a revolutionary betting system software called 'Roulette Ruler'. This software automates the process of playing roulette online by implementing artificial intelligent algorithms built to maximize your winnings. The worlds top professional gamblers have been discreetly using this technology to take online casinos for years.

Online casino's have yet to find a way to detect and block this system. They do however have the ability to refuse service when they see large regular winnings. This is usually caused by identifying specific patterns on a user account. For this reason our developers have implemented 'sleeper' technology to help players remain as discreet as possible.

Sleeper technology expands multiple algorithms to work together in a manor to provide the illusion of an organic playing style.

To maximize the full potential of this software it is advised to only win a few hundred dollars a day across a range of casinos as to not bring notice to earnings.

RouletteRuler's technology was originally not intended to be sold publicly. Instead it was meant to function as a tool to quickly implement calculated algorithms to a small group of connected individuals. Through thousands of test spins and steady earnings developers realized that online casinos remained vulnerable and unable to detect the system.

This realization has led to the commercial development of RouletteRuler. We are excited to offer a tool that can help people quickly earn a steady extra income.

In conjunction affiliates earn 50% commission and will be provided with banners and email swipes to make promoting convenient and easy. I'd like to invite you to jump into our launch early between Jan 7th-14th 2015 to also get your chance to win $1000's of dollars in prizes.

Our software is both revolutionary and fresh to the market. We are looking to connect with long term strategic partners for current & future software launches. All contributors will receive the highest support possible.

To Our Success,

Brian Nori
Mastermind Media

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