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tom pisarski
06-02-2014, 08:50 AM
Anna Fleszer - Cellulite Formula - JV Invite
Launch Day: Monday, June 9th 2014

Why Promote Us?

- Earn 75% of every sale (up to $51.25 per sale!)
- We use follow up emails using your clickbank ID to increase your sales ratio – If they don’t join at first, we’ll try to get them to join using follow up emails so you make more money! Earn up to 28% more with this method.
- Ultra high conversion on any type of traffic, some affiliates are earning over $2.00/click!
- One Time Offer to maximize your earnings!
- High quality banners, buttons and email swipes.

How Much Can You Make?

It’s the same old answer – “How long is a piece of string?” But to put it into perspective, most beginner affiliates can generally generate 5-10 sales a week to begin with depending on how committed and how much work they put in. On the other end of the scale, experienced affiliates will generate well over 100 sales a week no trouble. It really depends how much time and effort you are willing to put in with affiliate marketing.

Cellulite Formula = $37.00
Affiliates Commission = $37.00 x 75% = $27.75

One Time Offer = $47.00
Affiliate Commission = $47.00 x 50% = $23.50

Total Commission = $51.25

Anna Fleszer - Cellulite Formula - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/2492-Anna_Fleszer__-__Cellulite_Formula)