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Alecia Lawrence
02-22-2014, 07:01 PM
Alecia Lawrence - The JOY Code - JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, February 27th 2014


Its Alecia here,

I partnered with an elite group personal development experts in creating “The JOY Code Training Course” which gives your subscribers privy to insider information on overcoming the devastating effects of low self-esteem and fulfilling your deepest wish of creating the life you desire.

Here are a few of the benefits to your audience.

Harness the power of self-esteem to instantly transform your life
Feel confident each morning you wake up excited about each day
Jump start your progress when it becomes bogged down in negativity
Feel more lovable, more worthy and immediately build your self-esteem.
And much more

Your audience will access powerful techniques from this elite group of experts so they can take the first step toward a happier and more fulfilling life.

As a member of our Affiliate Program you will receive

Front End $7.95 at 100% Commission
OTO: 19.95 at 100% Commission

Sign-up to stay in touch here:

Alecia Lawrence - The JOY Code - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/2190-Alecia_Lawrence____-____The_JOY_Code)


1st Place $200 (min 150 sales)
2nd Place $75 (min 100 sales)
3rd Place $50 (min 50 sales)
4th Place $25 (min 25 sales)
5th Place $25 (min 25 sales)

$1000.00 in prize money, 100% commissions on the front end and 50% commission on the OTO.

Get in touch with Alecia for more info at admin@ilivetoinspire.com

Visit the JV Page to get on the list for all the info

Alecia Lawrence - The JOY Code - JV Invite (http://lti.ilivetoinspire.com/pf/the-joy-code-jv/)

To Your Continued Success

Alecia Lawrence - The JOY Code - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/2190-Alecia_Lawrence____-____The_JOY_Code)