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David Wentworth
12-11-2013, 08:30 PM
Wesley Virgin - 7DayFitness - JV Invite
Launch Day: Wednesday, December 11th 2013

Attention JV & Affiliate Partners! Earn 75% Commissions And Have Your Subscribers Thanking You For Helping Them Transform Their Bodies and Their Lives…

This amazing program has already helped hundreds of busy men and women between the ages of 35 and 60, who wanted to get back to their healthier form… without further injury or stress to their knees, joints or back.

Now being a veteran of the JV game you’re probably thinking…

Hey Wes, there are so many offers out there in the fitness niche… why should I promote this one?

Simply put, this isn’t your typical fitness offer.

First of all, I’m not your typical fitness instructor… I have developed this one of a kind program from the ground up. Working with locals in my area to make sure that I can drive the absolute success I want out of each of my customers. I have a real passion for fitness and each of my video courses and training events are filled with that passion. I want each customer to be transformed mentally… I want them to be motivated to succeed… or I have failed.

Secondly, With the 7-Day Fitness system each client (your customer) gets personal access to all my easy to follow, 7-minute boot camps… plus each customer gets hands on work with myself, a certified trainer and nutritionist to help them along the way. Not to mention I have designed a unique peer-to-peer motivational system that has the entire community in a social buzz.

Last but not least, some impressive numbers for you to review:

1. Commissions for the offer is set at 75% on all sales. This includes the initial sale, the Advanced Coaching*Session*and the Inner Circle Membership.

2. This offer is doing extremely well to fitness and natural health email lists. So far we are seeing a 3.22% CR with an average EPC of $0.82. I'm also positive your subscribers will respond even better.

Get Fit With Passion,

Wes Virigin
Certified Personal Trainer
Master Virtual Trainer
Master Motivator.

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