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James Raybould
09-26-2013, 02:28 AM
James Raybould - All New You - JV Invite
Launch Day: Friday, October 4th 2013

Hi there!!

My name is James Raybould and while this is my first venture into 'launching' a product I know that this is a killer product that I have taken time to get just right and ensure that it will get those monthly commissions rolling in month on month and everyone started somewhere!!

Now a little about me...I have been involved in the fitness industry for a number of years in various fields and have got to know some real experts and seen first hand the difference that the correct advice, knowledge exactly when you need it can make to somebody’s progress…and that got me thinking.

What if you could have these experts available 24/7 without having to venture near a gym…or even your living room. Because of this I have created a membership site which has taken months and months of preparation and research and have worked with these experts in their various fields to create what I think the huge and lucrative health and fitness niche has been missing all this time….All New You!!

All New You aims to be the most complete, interactive and personalised fitness and weight loss program ever created. Real experts real support and real results! No need to wait for machines at the gym, no more apprehensions of visiting the gym, no more feeling on your own or paying for something you just don’t use…just everything in one place when you want it and all from the comfort of home!*

We have had some amazing feedback in testing and with a monthly recurring income and amazing one time offer this really is an amazing package that we have put together and I hope you agree that the product sells itself and the quality is plain for all your customer to see!

Not only are we offering a knockout product, great customer service and massive reciprocation of any fellow afiliate's launches we are offering an almost unheard of prize fund in the health and fitness niche of over $10,000!!

That is how confident we are that you will make huge sales and have hungry customers coming back to All New You each and every month like clockwork.*

Just check out our JV Page and see what we have for you and sign up and i'll see you on the inside!!

Check the link here!! James Raybould - All New You - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/1778-James_Raybould____-____All_New_You)

Yours In Success


James Raybould - All New You - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/1778-James_Raybould____-____All_New_You)