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Pete Winiarski
09-09-2013, 12:00 PM
Win Enterprises LLC - Action Strategies - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, October 1st 2013

Iím a speaker, business consultant, and the author of*Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days. **My firm helps business leaders totally transform their companies, so they can achieve great results and secure a great future for themselves and their teams.

Act Now!*is a fast read, with three chapters to describe the methodology I developed.*I take you by the hand to help you set meaningful 90-day goals based on your longer term goals. *I describe the daily routines, including the success accelerators and why they work. *Lastly, I walk you through how to use the daily action log and weekly summary sheets.* The second half of the book contains daily motivation and the daily and weekly action log sheets for you to interactively plan your actions, log your progress, and stay on track.

Action Strategies*is a video based training course that takes the principles of*Act Now!*much further and deeper. Over six weeks, there are 14 core videos that describe in great detail the*Act Now!*methodology. *Plus, because people learn in different ways, the course includes the audios and transcripts of the videos, and a number of exercises to guide the students to really apply*Act Now!,*get into action, and achieve their goals.

The opportunity*for you, beyond adding value to your community, is that there is an affiliate commission on each sale of the*Action Strategies*program.**The commission level for our best affiliates is 50%*on every sale! *Action Strategies will sell at a discounted price that ranges from $200-$500, so youíll make $100-$250 for every person who buys Action Strategies.

As Jack Canfield, bestselling author of*The Success Principles*and*Chicken Soup for the Soul, says in the foreword, ďApply the principles in Act Now! and use the Daily Action Log for your current and future goals.* You will be amazed at the results that come to you when you do!Ē

"Pete Winiarski is a truly powerful leader, incredible mentor, and a very gifted teacher. He is committed to studying the psychology of success and teaching only the best practices that WORK. If you're ready to dramatically accelerate your results in the next 90 days, implement Pete's strategies now. Your life will never be the same." -Sean Smith, Founder MVP Success Systems

"What you track improves, and author Pete Winiarski has developed an amazing system for tracking success habits. Pete is a Jack Canfield training alumni, so he has worked with the master of success! But I've seen so many people take trainings, read books, and then not use them. This book is different! It helps you track your success habits and improve how often you do them -- that will ultimately change your life! This book is a home run, I bought copies for all my kids!"- CSheers

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