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Rahul Nag
01-19-2013, 06:08 AM
Hello Everyone,

My name is Rahul from London, England.

I have been working on the internet since about 2002, with different products from men's skincare products to pink passport covers to eventually from 2007, launching my website to help people control or stop their problem drinking.

I have gone from selling physical products to Internet Marketing in terms of information products which is what I prefer. I currently use ClickBank and over the years have added in other features to strengthen the product such as DL Guard Pro, Hop Guard Pro and other ones.

I am here because over the last few years it was or has been my affiliates who have helped me the most. (Also it didn't help that I lost 95% of my organic search engine traffic last year. I am not sure the exact reasons. It could be the Google algorithm updates or the fact I moved my servers to GoDaddy's 4GH European based servers. That was a big mistake. I have since moved them back to a smaller and more focused company in the US).

Anyway, I am here to both work with affiliates and partners to promote the current product and extensions as well as looking at new products and niches to work with.

Look forward to being in touch with you.

All the best,


Mike Merz
01-19-2013, 11:22 AM
Welcome to JVNP 2.0, Rahul .. ;)

Always interesting to read the posts and replies from Partners with a lot of niche marketing experience ... please share with us when you can. ;)


Mike Sr