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Alex Yew
01-12-2013, 10:15 PM
Alex Yew - Anxiety Management - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, March 12th 2013

Alex Yew is a self-made internet marketer who has learned from basic website building to traffic generation. He lives in Singapore and travels around the world to his favourite countries a few times every year. He and his team are applying the working methods which sell Electronics / Information stuff online for any niche effectively.

This is his second product – “Anxiety Management” (health related product) in Clickbank which would be another great launch in the year of 2013 (just like his first product – IM Gurus Hate Me).

As of now, our society is in the fastest ever pace in a lot of aspects (work, studies, life, etc). Anxiety and panic attack is a society sickness that is commonly found in most people nowadays. Alex and his team would like to use their knowledge in internet marketing to introduce a meaningful product to benefit the society and to reduce this common sickness among most of us.

“Anxiety Management” provides useful and easy steps to control anxiety and panic attack. “Anxiety Management” product is in ebook format and comes with a few bonuses which are definitely worth more than US$47.

Anxiety Management will be sold at the price of US$47 which 60% affiliate commission.

Get on the leaderboard of this product and win attractive cash prizes.
1st place - $1500 cash
2nd place - $1000 cash
3rd place - $750 cash
4th place - $600 cash
5th place - $500 cash
6th place - $400 cash
7th place - $300 cash
8th place - $200 cash
9th place - $150 cash
10th place - $100 cash

If you get 50 sales and above, you will get $100 prize straight away!

Anxiety Management Leaderboard takes into account sales for the entire launch month instead of the traditional 1 week hit and run launches of the past. Email swipes and banners are prepared for you to have a great promotion for this product.

Grab this chance for JV Invite to gain access to the promotion and prizes for the launch of Anxiety Management. You will be flooded with paychecks from this great Clickbank product plus more than $5000 cash prizes!

Alex Yew - Anxiety Management - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/1191-Alex_Yew_-_Anxiety_Management)

kathy Davison
01-31-2013, 05:53 PM
Hi Alex
tried to sign up for the affiliate tools but no confirmation message came through?
my email is thinkingsmart@fsmail.net

Derwin James
05-21-2013, 05:49 AM
Hi Kathy,
To deal with anxiety get organized, do practice yoga or start exercises on regular basis. Talk with your friends and family members and share your tensions with them. Increase your water intake for drinking and watch what you eat. If you don't eat well then take multivitamins regularly. Try not to worry and avoid alcohol, smoking and other stimulants.