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Viv Barclay
09-23-2012, 05:10 AM
Hello Everyone :)
I'm Viv Barclay, a Transformative Coach from the UK, having been certified through Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy in LA. I'm also a published author and an artist.
I live and work in the stunning countryside of North Yorkshire in the UK, where I've been for the last two years and was eight years in Spain before that.
I've had more than 25 years international experience in training, teaching and now more recently, transformative coaching and I love being creative and designing and delivering my own courses.
It would be great if we all lived truely wonderful lives, but the truth is not all of us get how that's possible and I love working with people to help them see for themselves the difference they can make in their own lives and that of others.
I am great at making big, extraordinary requests and encourage my clients to do the same. I love team-work and collaborations and I'm generally the one who reaches out to make that happen.
I'm really looking forward to getting to know this site better and to making a significant and useful contribution here :)
Love and warmest wishes
Viv Barclay

Mike Merz
09-23-2012, 11:11 AM
Viv, welcome to JVNP 2.0 .. ;)

It goes without saying that I'm looking forward to reading your contributions ... please stop by as often as time allows. ;)


Mike Sr