View Full Version : I love climbing...and getting to meet YOU!

Suzanne Reilley
05-09-2012, 10:41 PM
Hello! I'm Suzanne Reilley, from Los Angeles CA. I love rock climbing, yoga, delicious food, and podcasts...favorites are Radiolab, This American Life, The Savage Love Podcast and the Wall Street Journal.

I'm a fitness person, and have a really different feel than most. I'm not the crazy intense, burn!, go! grrrrr. type. I rather show people what's effective in losing weight, and help them fit it into their life in a way they can actually enjoy. For example, I rarely think, oh I'm going to go climbing to get a workout. Instead I think...I love climbing so much!! And it happens to be an incredible workout. Huge difference.

The goal is to be skinnier, look great, and keep it up like a choosy French lady would...my clients have had a ton of success with this. They've lost a lot of weight and actually been able to keep it off.

So that's me! I'm looking forward to meeting more of you, and doing some nice business on this site.