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Alvin JHunne Cortez
03-08-2012, 08:39 AM

I am a member on this JV community since last year,its great that I am a member of this site.This site is my source of products I am promoting,but only this month I decided to be active in this forum.I just want to share my story.

I am working on internet marketing since 2006 when I was in college I promote networking companies and doing it as a part time.I really love it so after school that is what I am doing,only since 2008 I discover that there is affiliate products that I can promote it but it's also part time.In 2010 I graduated thanks to Internet Marketing all of my expenses on school,personal expenses during my college days,is come from my online income.Since then I decided to go fulltime in Internet Marketing I only promote products in Clickbank,Click2sell,Plimus.

When 2011 comes I discover JVnotifypro with the help of my friend,thats the time I realized that there is so many products to promote except on those mention networks.I already participated on some of the launches of big names on clickbank,also in infusion like Matt Bacak,Gary Ambrose and even webinars like on Alex Shelton.Luckily I get some spot on some launches like in Matt Bacak Product,Sal Haque/Sean Miller(commissioncheat) but I am on outside the top 10 :D ,I am not good as big names.I am very happy to be on JVnotifypro,I will be sharing here from now on and hoping to do more JV relationship here.


Mike Merz
04-04-2012, 10:09 AM
Happy to have you aboard, Alvin .. ;)