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simon greenhalgh
12-08-2011, 02:10 PM

Just wanted to take 5 minutes to introduce myself before I SPAM the forums with my affiliate program ;)

My name is Simon Greenhalgh, people who hang out at the Warrior Forum might know me as Linkwhizz. I am a UK based Internet Marketer/SEO Geek and I live in Manchester, in the North (Cold and rain, yes!)

I have been earning a living online now for around 1 year. Almost all of my business has been conducted on the Warrior Forum by creating products, I've done around 10 this year, with 3 WSO of the days and paid out around $180,000 to affiliates this year (is that the start of the spamming?)

I also have an offline SEO company which has had a great year, shame I have to split that income with 2 partners! So, if anyone ever needs any SEO advice feel free to shoot me a question.

Recently I have decided to move away from the Warrior Forum, earlier this year one of my products LinxBot, got to number 1 in its Clickbank category with no launch, so I got the bug!!

I now have all my products inside a members site with a front end blog and I am hoping to spend next year building out funnel and working with loads of great affiliates (more SPAM) and returning promotions whilst giving the customer some quality products and putting good content out on my blog.

I belive it was Mike Sr that said something about WIN-WIN-WIN, well thats my aim for 2012!

I'll be trying my best to bring something to the community before introducing my offers and if anybody ever wants to talk business, I'm all ears..

Thats it for now,


Mike Merz
12-08-2011, 02:37 PM
Welcome to JVNP 2.0 ... from a long time Fellow Warrior, Simon.

Successful Partners that know what it takes to get things done ... and are willing to give as well as receive, are always welcome.

Looking forward to reading your contributions ... though it appears you're already an 'attractive' potential JV Partner, one can never be too attractive in that way ... IMHO. ;)


Mike Sr