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10-25-2011, 02:57 AM
My name is La'Toya, my friends call me Toya or Tee. I have been dipping and dabbing with the IM stuff for that past two months doing the research and just trying to understand how everything comes together. I have learned alot through my own trial and errors (many,many errors), and wasted a lot of money:mad:. The biggest lesson I have learned is that I'd rather not do it on my own, and if I can get help along this journey and help someone else along the way also; that is that way I'd prefer to do it. I am very excited about getting started, and have already found my niche based on personal experience. I learned along that way that it was one of the best ways to choose one. Although I am very excited, I am still alittle intimidated by the entire process.:confused::eek: However, normally I am not very easily intimidated, but even though I am a bit at the present time failure is not an option for me. It will not deter me, I am a go getter, I was born that way ;-). I look forward to getting know and look forward to our future together. I am in sponge mode right now, anxious to get started ASAP, but on the right path, any knowledge you have for me to absorb I'm ready.

Thank you in advance.:)

Mike Merz
10-25-2011, 06:19 AM
Welcome to JVNP 2.0, Latoya ... I recommend choosing a path through research and focusing on it until you see results. One reason so many folks fail is that they get pulled in too many different directions and become overwhelmed. Relax, and move forward with a clear head ... and a game plan. ;)


Mike Sr