View Full Version : Size of market for wide solicitation for JVs?

Michael Hiles
08-04-2009, 04:59 AM
Hey Mike and everyone. I've been working on a product for launch in the "offline marketing" space for several months.

Without getting too deep into detail (I don't want to be perceived as promoting the product... it's not even done yet), I have a question:

Since the niche for those selling internet marketing services to offline business is sort of narrow, what is the viability of calling for a wide range of JV partners across all spectrums of the Internet Marketing How To arena?

08-04-2009, 02:28 PM
Hey Michael,

Since the "offline consulting" subniche hasn't been properly "exploited" yet (for lack of a better term), I'd say now's a great time to launch a product there.

Over at the Warrior Forum, it's a really hot topic, so there's definitely a market for it. In my opinion, if you have an awesome product funnel in place, then affiliates will want to promote it.

Aspiring IMers are obviously looking for ways to make money online, so offline consulting is just another method to do so.

Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton (from Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint) recently launched SEM Business Blueprint. It's the first "guru" product I've seen in this subniche, so maybe they're starting to take notice of the growing interest in offline consulting.

Check it out:


Desmond Ong
08-05-2009, 03:19 AM
Hey Michael,

I was in the same boat as you are now when we were working on a product launch in the site flipping niche. (we are the first to launch a product in site flipping niche with scarcity play) ::)

In order for your launch to be more successful, I learned that you need to be able to convince your JV partners that your sub-niche (which is off-line consulting) is a very profitable, attractive and great offer.

You need to sell the JV partners the belief that your sub-niche will be able to attract big crowds.

Also, you need to show them a sneak peek of your sales letter so the JV partners can be convinced that it will be persuasive and people will actually buy your product in that niche.


P.S. For The Site Flipping Code, I made a special video just for JV to tell them the benefits of site flipping so they can pass down the same messages to the people that they are promoting too. ;D

Rob Toth
09-10-2009, 06:12 PM
Just angle it so that it becomes relevant to other markets.

For example, a Dan Kennedy promo (for an info marketing course) that I worked on... for the copywriters niche, the position was simply of Dan's extensive experience as a copywriter, therefore his obvious loyal fan base would be interested in his new product... for the personal development, many of them are familiar with Dan's No BS series, so that was the tie in... for the info marketers, many know the names of the top info marketers who have been through Dan's Platinum Circle, so that was the tie in. Etc.

That being said, there are A LOT of publications and mediums geared at the "bricks and mortar" business owner... the blog owners, forum owners, site owners, magazine owners, internet radio owners etc of the mediums that cater to that market are fantastic JV partners especially since not much is brought to the table for them to promote.

And remember, since in the "offline world", much of the "seen it before" IM strategies are that much more effective.

(I'm running a similar strategy for the launch of "The Genie" which as a services and info product line attached to it, primarily geared at "offline" business owners... mostly hitting the Vancouver, BC market).