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07-21-2009, 11:48 AM
Ok, he is from England, but he didn't say bloody :) That's the question my business partner David asked me when I told him about what I'm about to give you. This is solid gold.

Think outside the box. That's easy enough, no problem. But I'm thinking in terms of who you JV with, and where you advertise.

Really think about who your market is.

Let me give you an example. I'm kind of a big deal in the stock market and emini trading niche. I'm getting there in the Seduction community, Forex and Real Estate as well, and I know the big players like Walker, Anik Singale, Jason Moffatt, Hershey, and Mike Filsaime in the IM niche, most important they know who I am too!

There is a reason my success, and it's that I always think to go places other people don't. For example, my top sources of traffic tend to be outside of my own niche. This allows me to bring brand new blood into a market.

Example, for the PUA guy I work with, we are getting ready to do a lot of advertising on video game sites, on site's dedicated to guys with man boobs, things like this. Why? Well, who's more desperate to get laid that a guy who sits around playing video games all day and has no social skills what so ever.

One of the most successful IM promotions I ever did was on a site called ELITE TRADER. This is a site that is the WarriorForum of the stock trading world. Huge forum, in fact that Owner, Baron who is a great guy that I've been friends with for years, makes several million per year on the site. It's bout 5 or 6 times larger vs the WF. Anyway, I started a thread on Internet Marketing over on ELITE TRADER. Baron eventually had to ask me to close it, because it became the second most popular thread and topic on the entire site. I guess he did not want his site turning into Elite Affiliate Marketing.

Why would it take off so easily? Well, the psychodemographic is EXACTLY the same. People who are traders, they are just opportunity seekers. They are looking for a way to make money, they want to work from home in their PJ's the same as everyone in IM, and they want an easy button. Many of them will give up on trading, but they won't give up on the dream of working from home in their PJ's, and they might migrate to IM. Or, IMers might migrate over to Trading, which has been a great target audience for me in my last Emini Trading Launch. I had some of the mid tier IM players on board as affiliates, selling to 100% IM based lists, and those guys had by far the best result. Now, to be fair they are better at marketing vs the emini trading guys, but the point is, think in terms of your demographic, what are they into, what do they want and need. You can often pick up some great leads.

Last point. THE NEWPAPER! Troy White has a great $20 product on how to create amazing space ads. I've gotten more by running a small space ad in the sports section vs just about anything else I can think of with my stock market products. Go get my free report, bring them to landing page blah blah blah. It's amazing. You can also pick up some amazing deals right now. I just got a 1/6 page in the LA Times, list price was $19,000 and I paid $1500 for it, PLUS they gave me 7 classified ads as well which will allow me to test headlines and subheads. You have to learn to negotiate with them, but once you know how it's super easy. If you have ever bought Tim Ferris' the Four Hour Work Week, he has some bonus stuff on his website and he talks about exactly that, how to pick up dirt cheap newspaper ads. Right now the newspaper business is hurting for business like crazy, if you have the money - you'd be crazy not to spend some of it there.