View Full Version : Super Secret Tactic That Can Easily Double Your Sales With NO EXTRA WORK

07-20-2009, 03:46 PM
Now, this is a heck of a statement, especially coming from me. I'm not one of the guys that's out there pushing that you can do this in your underwear three hours a day. I built a million dollar a year business by working 18 hours a day, six days a week. Now, when I took off, I took off, but when I was working, it's deadly serious.

But, here is a trick I'm about to share with you that I have never let anyone but my partner David Raybould in on. It's that good.

This is about naming your product. Look, the name is important. If you have some stupid a$$ name like "How to Make a gadrillion dollars in IM", guess how much your going to make? Probably a heck of a lot closer to zero vs a gadrillion. Publishers spend a ton of time and money on research to pick just the right title for a book, they actually pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars to do it, and it's not because they like to throw money around. It's because you can take the EXACT SAME PRODUCT, I mean ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THE SAME CONTENT, the only thing that is not the same is the name. One will sell a million dollars, one will barely break five figures. You need to catch people's eyes.

Thank God for Google.

This is so simple you won't even believe how easy it is.

Open up a google adwords account and test your title. Just put about $300/$400 into your account and test 4 names and subheads. See which two get the best CTR's. Then take the two best, and check out vaious subheads under the title, mess around. You can get a killer, best selling title like this and spend about $500 to $1000. I know that $1000 can seem like a lot of money to some people, trust me I've been there. When I did my first big launch I had $17.78 in my checking account on October 18th 1998. I'll never ever forget it. Then on Monday, October 19th we turned on the shopping cart and brought in $11,000 in orders the first day, by the end of the week we had $47,000 a month in continuity income. But, on October 18th, I had no idea how I was going to come up with the rent come Nov 1st. I'd actually put in an application at a gas station down the street just in case this whole Internet thing did not work out.

In any event, your name is very important. Take some time on it, test it. At the very least ask your friends and family for their very brutal and very honest feedback, but ideally test it on Google. Google will never lie to save your feelings, and in the end that will save you a lot of money.