View Full Version : As newbie, how much should I take on all at once?

06-29-2009, 10:49 AM
Just had a general question, the amount of information is so overwhelming at times, you get lost in the steps, I have found a couple products I would like to promote and my question is this....

Would it be better to focus on one product and promote the heck out if it, our should I try and promote a handful of products? Is quantity better than quality? Or do I just test the waters and if one starts to take off run with it?

Chris Douthit
06-29-2009, 02:42 PM
There really is no correct answer to that question. It depends really on the products involved. You could very easily make more money on one product if it is in fact a high quality product. And of course promoting five quality products would be better than promoting one.

The real trick is to find which products are going to be profitable. If you’re not sure about which products are going to be winners you may want to test 5 or more products to see if you can profit on any of them. If during testing you find one or more products to profit or even break even surely you could optimize those campaigns to become even more profitable.

Stephen Carter
06-30-2009, 03:14 PM
because you are just starting out i think it would be a good idea to find just one product that you like a lot, and which is selling in the marketplace, and then see what it takes to make a few sales with it.

the bottom line is that most things you try simply will not work, so if you are trying different things with different products, you won't know whether it is the product or the promotional technique that is really giving you an assist.

try different things with one product for a while, and if none of it works too well, then go onto the next product knowing a little about the relative worths of the promotional techniques used on the prior product. you may discover than the previous product just doesn't convert too well, or you might find that the next product does not sell either. when you have done this a half dozen times and not found great success, you will want to re-examine those promotional techniques and perhaps look around for some alternative methods.

keep notes on things you have tested. if something does seem to work consistently, then you will be able to build on it later.