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Jordan Sanders
06-24-2009, 02:58 PM

I have a quick question if anyone can help me.

I did the IM JV thing for a while, made some money, but recently have been working much more hours at my day job and don't have time for IM anymore.

I have a small list of give or take 500 responsive email addresses (all opt in, solid emails)... I hate to see them just go to waste. Does anyone have any idea where I can go to sell these (If I can sell them)?? Of course I'm probably going to be picky, I don't want to just give them to some spammer or something..

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


06-25-2009, 10:34 AM
Hi Jordan,

Are they in an autoresponder (like aWeber) or just a list of emails. If they are just a list, I don't think you will get anything for them, especially such a small number. It is impossible for you to prove where they came from. For all the prospectie buyer knows, you jumped on elance and got someone to troll the internet looking for email addresses at $2 per hour. Would cost about $10.

If they are in a double opt-in auto responder, what do you want for them?

Chris Douthit
06-25-2009, 10:41 AM
Yes, you would have to let possible buyers know where the addresses came from. And if they are opt-in there still would be a spam issue, as the reicpients on the list have given you permission to mail them, not anyone else.

You know, if the list is quality you can still make money from them.

Jordan Sanders
06-25-2009, 11:32 AM
Thanks for the comments -- some good points are raised.

First, I obtained some of the emails from the opt in service provided by getsubscribers.com -- fyi, run by the same guy who started getresponse. They opted in after seeing a brief message to sign up for free info on making money online.

Other emails came directly from the opt in part of my website -- many of whom opted in after buying my How to Make $ on eBay book.

Of course I can't absolutely prove this, the best I could do would be to take a few screenshots of the getsubscribers account..

As far as the spam issue, I would email them, notifying them that they will be receiving similar money making info, just from someone else now (kinda like when a Dr. takes over an existing practice) I'm sure I'd lose a few, but that's the best thing I can think of.

Most of the emails are currently in ezinedirector.

Finally, it's a tough decision for me b/c I know I can still make $ from them, but the whole IM marketing thing takes so much time, now that I work a FT job I just don't have the extra time anymore...

If still interested, feel free to message me, thanks!

06-25-2009, 08:19 PM
Hey Jordan,

You know how powerful email marketing is, so I have to ask: Is your job more important to you than IM?

Mailing your list doesn't take long...just a few minutes. Do you really not have enough time to do that? I am just completely baffled by why you would want to sell your list when you could keep it and make money from it.

So you work FT now...8 hours a day I'm assuming? I could be wrong, but doesn't that still leave you with time to study IM? Even an hour a day of studying or doing IM is better than nothing.


06-25-2009, 11:41 PM
Hi Jordan,

The thing is if you look after the list, mail them a couple of times a week with some content, and offers, you should be able to make AT LEAST $250 a month, spending like 6 hours a month... If you sell the list i doubt you would get $250 for it. My advise, just email them offers twice a week and forget selling it.