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06-09-2009, 11:47 AM
Hey everybody, I'm really interested in creating and launching new information products. I'm learning the process right now, but I feel a little overwhelmed. I was curious if anyone out there is currently creating or about to create and launch a new product that I could gain experience from.

I am willing to do alot of the grunt work in exchange for instruction. And you can pay me whatever you truly feel is fair. Its not about the money more about learning the process. I have a fairly decent amount of knowledge in marketing, just need to feel in the holes. Get back to me if anyone is interested in helping a motivated newbie out.


06-11-2009, 09:14 PM
Hi Ron

Although I'm new here I think you could help your post a little out here.

What skills do you have that could be useful for example?
What is your IM experience to date?
Can you create content at a decent standard?
Do you know hjow to use analytics, HTML, PHP, Wordpress etc?

You might struggle to get adequate answers without answering these question.

Also....working for free sometimes is a great idea to get some experience. ;)

Hope that helps.

All the best


Patrick Wooley
06-26-2009, 01:06 PM

I agree with Barry on this one. You should offer to work for free if you want to attract someone to teach you. Many people here have spent big money in the way of courses and coaching to learn how to do this and may be reluctant to give that education away for free.

I am in the process of creating my own product and am taking several online mentoring courses right now. The best advice I can give you, and this comes after great expense and loss of time trying to learn this the hard way, is to find yourself a mentor. It will cost money, there's no way around it. You can trade your time and money hanging around these forums, but I can guarantee you that you will eventually seek out a mentor. It will save you a steep learning curve and possibly keep your money in your pocket.

So, believe me, save yourself some time and a lot of money and get educated early. I am personally taking John Thornhill's masterclass and we're in the product creation phase right now. There are dozens if not hundreds of mentors out there, all trying to sell you something. Some products are great, others are pure crap.

During your search, look for the names that keep coming up in your niche and check out their products. Really look at how they sell, sign up to their list, etc. Don't buy every product coming down the pipeline though. That will only put you in the poor house. What you're looking for is the education behind the selling, so pay attention to how it's being done.

It took me awhile before I realized that and I sincerely hope it will cut your learning curve way down. Of course, there are some fantastic products out there and I'll be the first to tell you, I've bought my fair share. But before you buy the next thing, step outside of your emotion about it and try to look at the how and why. You'll be surprised to find it's mostly based on fear and greed. Marketing is 95% psychology and 5% product. Have a game plan before you start and you should get through it with only a few nicks and bruises ;). PM me if you're interested and I can help you out with some free resources for starters. Hope that helps. Take care.