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05-30-2009, 12:33 PM
Ask the people on your list to help you.

In either January of Febuary Clayton Makepeace ran a contest where he asked people to help spread the word about the Total Package. He ended up giving away, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of his products (and he paid for the shipping).

Well I've always been smart enough to shamelessly steal from those people who are higher up on the food chain and more successful.

So, this is the fourth time I've had a client use this email sequence. The best result (in % terms) was a list of 11,000 that turned into a list of 26,000, and the other two times occured with much larger lists with more well known people, but all resulted in at least a 30% increase to the list. So far Bo's results are also very promising.

Hopefully some of you guys can get some great value out of this as well, because it works like crazy.

Here is the email Bo sent. (Bo's newest venture is going to be the Cash Bomb where he turns a $500 account into a $10,000 account using his agressive money mgnt and capital growth tactics)

Just a quick update on the Cash Bombing Sequence...

The account (real money of course!) closed at $353.83 yesterday after a whipsaw session that had me on every wrong side of the market. I believe in was Ed Seykota who said that the only way to avoid whipsaws is to STOP TRADING... They are an ugly but natural part of the trading experience, and as powerful as the Cash Bombing Sequence is it is NOT immune...

I ended up taking a trade overnight, then a few more during the morning session to end the day up $523.60...More then DOUBLING the account in less then 24 hours. (head over to URL see all the trade videos which were recorded in real time as the trades were executed.)

I think that doubling an account in less then 24 hours is pretty cool, and it really shows the power of the idea I am trying to get across here. BUT...An idea no matter how powerful is useless unless people know about it! That brings me to my next subject...

I think that I have more then proven the value I can offer in my blog and in the new Cash Bomb Sequence. If you agree with me, then let us have a little fun with that. I have decided to throw a little contest for all my readers.

You will only have until Midnight on Sunday, May 31st to enter. (That's Midnight New York Time.)

There are a couple of great prizes just sitting here with your name on them, and I am making it really easy to win....Here is the deal:

I really believe in the power of an "abundance" mindset, a subject I plan on talking about more in videos to come. It is an idea that can truly transform your life, and deserves some time to properly communicate.
The basic idea is to share your talents with the world and you will get back tenfold the value you give away...

It's not that complicated, really.

But think about the realities of human behaviour for a minute; what does the crowd do instead?

When someone has a great trading idea, they grimly hoard that strategy. They don't give it away. They act miserly and with a paranoid mindset bury it away far from the light of day They hoard their best ideas because they are convinced that "they" will sneak in and steal them. They don't share their ideas or give them away - they keep them.

Yes, there are some strategies that are constrained by liquidity... BUT I have spent the last ten years selling or giving away my trading ideas and it has not harmed my returns.... so why do they do it?

The problem isn't that their ideas are crap. It's not even because their ideas aren't worthy or that they personally aren't worthy. The problem is that they are living with a fear dominated mindset. They don't value their skills, and think that if they give one idea of theirs away that they won't be able come up with more great ideas.


SO...I am coming to you from an abundance mindset...I WANT to share the cash bomb sequence as I know that act of giving will pay me back many times over in the end.

However...I need your help so that I can help more people.

It's really a Karma thing. You will help other's by introducing them to Cash Bombing, and you will help me by helping them. Nobody can lose in a deal like this.

There are two ways to win here...Here is how it works:

1) Give the gift of my Cash Bomb Sequence to everyone you know. I figure that like minds tend to congregate. If the market fascinates you, I betcha you know lots of others who are already trading or just plain interested in getting started.

If you have found my work to be valuable, it would make me really, really happy if you would take a few minutes to send a nice email telling your friends about what I am trying to do here, and tell them to...

Head to URL and sign up to the list using the form on the right hand side.

Then, open your contact list and send the email to everyone who you think would benefit from the ideas I am offering here. Your friends and family will get the trading spreadsheets from my latest book, (Including the trading challenge sheet that the Cash Bomb Sequence is based on.) as well as updates when new videos and articles are posted.

If you will then post the text of the e-mail that you sent in the blog comments section at the link below...


...I'll send you AND your guests a free copy of my never before seen course on "Magnet Trading". This is totally new material, never before seen by those NOT in my $1,000 or $2,000 consulting programs. It's a dynamite trading concept that I have already used in the trades in the Cash Bomb Sequence. I know you are going to love it.

You can just download it onto your computer and will be learning how to "Magnet Trade" with in minutes. I plan to sell this course in the future for $79, but as my way of saying thank you for sharing the love, you can have it for free.

Finally if we decide your emails are among the two best one's sent out for us, I'll buy you a THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to my CASH BOMB ALERTS/VIDEO service which will be launching soon...(A $300 value.)

2) Blog Your Brains Out visit as many trading blog and message board sites as you can and start or contribute to threads and discussions about how they can get on-board the Cash Bombing Sequence and get the spreadsheets needed to trade this way by joining my list. Tell your own story about how one of my ideas about trading has helped you. Please be as specific as you can be and be sure to post this link in the text so they can use it to sign up.

Head on over to URL and sign up to the list using the form on the right hand side.

Next give us the link to your posts in our blog comments section below...


...and I will give you access to my DVD course on "Stop Setting Strategies For Investors" (Which sells for $99)for FREE as a thank you.

Once again, we will go through the comments section and pick the two best forum/blog postings. The winners will each get 2 sessions of one on one consulting time with me personally! ($400 value)

(Hint: Do Both if you want to double your chances of winning.)

That will give you two free gifts just for trying, and double your odds to win one of the "Big Prizes".
Last but not least, for those of you who enter both contests I have a very special surprise thank you gift that I guarantee you will love. I am going to keep it as a surprise, so make sure to enter both contests.

Don't forget to submit your entries in the comments section of this blog post so that I can see and judge all the entries.

When you enter my contest you can help me to help thousands of people through these tough economic times by teaching them about my Cash Bomb Sequence.

But make sure you get your entries in before Midnight on Sunday, May 31st!

05-30-2009, 09:46 PM
I'm going to give this a try with a new product I just created.

I'll let everybody know the results of this one.

Talk soon,

imported_Kim Roach
05-31-2009, 02:51 PM
Wow! What a brilliant idea.

I'm going to use this concept in June.

I love the idea of leveraging your existing list to exponentially
grow your subscribers, sales, etc...


05-31-2009, 05:44 PM
mmmm I guess this whole abundance mindset idea works pretty cool, great idea thanks, I am going to give it a try.

05-31-2009, 05:46 PM
I'd love to be able to claim all the credit, but really it was all Clayton :)

I took part in his contest back in January and was given three excellent physical products that shipped via FedEx to my house at no charge to me.

When I looked at Clayton's blog I saw that hundreds of people had taken part in the contest, and my thougt process was pretty much as follows "Hmmm, Clayton Makepeace is willing to give away several hundred thousand dollars worth of his own products, losing potential sales there. Not only that, he's spent thousands of real dollars out of his own pocket. Since Clayton is no dummy, it must be a good idea". So I figured why not have some of my own clients try it with digital products, which cost me/them nothing to ship and see what happens. So far every time I've done it the result has been very good.

Let me know how it works out for you.

05-31-2009, 09:34 PM
Update on Bo's offer.

This offer is set to expire at midnight eastern (it's 930 now) and the results have been very pleasing indeed. We have gotten 4.7 new subscribers for every one person who opened this email, and have almost doubled his list (it was a small list).

In the future I think I can make it pull even stronger if I spend more time on the copy for the products we are going to be giving away. This is what I will focus on the next time I send it out.


06-01-2009, 05:54 PM
Just a quick heads up on this campaign, we have had a little bit of fall out from it because some people did get banned from some forums for spamming. It doesnt seem like anyone is really too upset about it because in the stock market not many people are trying to build a business off forums like they are in IM. It might be something to be aware of though if your in IM, I dont know if a place like the WF or whatnot might start throwing people off if they did this. If they did you could end up with some mad prospects and clients.