View Full Version : Increase the value of your clients by giving them stuff

05-27-2009, 12:29 PM
We all know that once you have someone on board you want to make as much from them as possible. I'd like to share with everyone here something we did with a daytrading website that made us alot of money.

It's a chatroom that costs $200 to $300 per month to be in. We found that most people leave after a month or two, but if they stayed beyond that period then, on average, they stayed for 7 months and then left.

So what we did was start sending out a "Six month anniversary" package to their house from Omaha Steaks. This was a huge hit and helped us build a great relationship with the people on our list. We also ended up, on average, keeping people for 11 months into the program instead of losing them at month 8, so for a cost of about $130 we added over $1000 in value from the client.