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Mike Merz
01-08-2009, 08:49 AM
We've got a groundfloor JV invite from fellow JV
Notify Pro partners Jonny Andrews, Buzz Builders, a
word from Mike, and more ... in today's making an
assassin out of you and me edition.

Jonny Andrews - The Guru Assassin JV Invite - Jan 29th

Hey, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner ... Jonny Andrews here.

It's time for another ClickBank top 10 launch!

I am the creator of The Mone.y Siphon System which,
when released back in October, cracked the ClickBank
top 10 and seriously turned some heads...

After achieving insane conversion rates, generating a
massive buzz online and seeing both newbie as well as
hard-core affiliates makin.g thousands of dollars per day...

...TGA will be even BIGGER.

I'll keep this short as I'm sure you're as busy as I am:

(Or you can skip all this jazz and follow the link to go
straight to the meat of the matter...
http://www.TheGuruAssassin.com/JVNotifyOnly/ )

On January 29th, I will be launching "The Guru Assassin".

This is NOT the program you may have heard of
making waves back in early 2008...

This program is 100% fresh, totally new and shares the
secrets of how I was able to crawl from being totally
broke and homeless to makin.g a healthy 6 figure income
in less than 9 months using secret *Underground*
tactics many have never seen...

Already heavy hitters like Alex Goad, Saj, Chris Freville,
Charles Kirkland, James Yii, Brian Johnson, Steven
Johnson are on board with many more joining each day...

All I can say is that this product ROCKS and will change
the lives of many who chose to implement what they

See for yourself here:


Those of you who promoted Mone.y Siphon know the
insane value it delivered at a $77 price point...

Well I wouldn't dream of backing down from that tradition...

TGA is taking online marketing Gorilla style to show
newbies as well as seasoned marketers alike totally new,
Ninja style methods for coming out of nowhere with
nothing and eating up entire markets...

Those who invest will receive incredibly simple, step-by-
step video blueprints showing never before seen, insider
"Ninja" tactics for 30 minute product development,
copy/paste simple site set up (with templates), killer
traffic tactics, how to recruit an underground affiliate
army to do your dirty work, and a whole lot more...

The primary focus?

* Maximum Income With Minimum Time/Effort...

Many of these tactics have yet to be touched outside
of high ticket items... and you can ONLY get the full
story here:


Only the most elite buyers have ever seen a part of
what is cover in The Guru Assassin and the masses are
*starving* for this fresh, new, hard-hitting content.

In short, this is poised to shake the industry, set new
standards and make a massive mark with huge video
systems that crack many "secret" codes wide-freaking

The Breakdown

Launch is January 29th, with a prelaunch starting
the day before...

TGA is a ClickBank product with a $77 front end and a
$47 recurring backend. Both payout at 60% commission
and with my previous upsells converting at 53% and up
you will be seeing many of them.

Knowing that the average subscriber will stay in the
program for roughly 4 months you can easily expect to
mak.e $159 per sale!

With my previous Mone.y Siphon launch converting at
7% and beyond you can expect The Guru Assassin to
deliver some new records...

TGA has been tested, and retested...

Early TGA conversion figures are even showing
a shocking potential $5.45 per click...

See the results here:

In short, this will be a very exciting launch with lots
of buzz to create a freakish buying frenzy and then over-
deliver with a product that more than makes good on
it's promises...

I would like to have YOU on board as part of the action.

Please sign up by clicking the link below and you'll
immediately get more product information, all your
promotion tools, as well as my personal contact


See you inside,

Jonny Andrews


Buzz Builders

Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton - Niche Blueprint
JV Invite - January 12th Launch

Over the past 3 months, Commission Blueprint
has racked up over 24,000 transactions,
($1.4 million in sales), has made our affiliates
a ton of cash and continues to do so each day.

We fully expect our top affiliates to generate
at least $50,000 in commissions during the 7
days that 'Niche Blueprint' will be available to
the market ...


Jeff Czyzewski - Clickbank Bonus Domination
JV Invite - January 14th Launch

I'm going to be revealing a secret area in
Clickbank that most affiliates don't even know
exists and combined with CBBD, is going to
supercharge their affiliate sales

CBBD is a complete automation system that
not only automatically delivers bonus content
to customers that have purchased from your
affiliate link, it will add them to your auto
responder and allow you to control their
complete access.

That's right, as an affiliate, you'll now be able
to directly interact with the customer after
they purchase from your affiliate link ...


James Yii - The Shortcut JV - January 21st

The product is called "The Shortcut" and it is
aimed at newbie marketers that have been
failing online. The Shortcut is about the
changing the way a person thinks and help
them to actually take action on whatever
they've learned before.

The target market, as you know are newbies
who are having trouble to focus and take
action (due to the distractions online). I am
very sure that 8 out of 10 newbies out there
are suffering from this problem.


Richard Legg & Eric Farewell - The Cheaters
Guide To Marketing JV Invite - January 22nd

If you haven't heard of Eric, you're not alone,
but he's the "behind the scenes" guy who has
helped to orchestrate some of the biggest
multi-million dollar launches online in the past
few years (while building an impressive niche
business along the way).

The course is called "The Cheaters Guide To
Marketing" and is a comprehensive, start-to-
finish course on how to find, build and dominate
niche markets (the EASY way!) ... in much
more depth than either of us has seen before.

(You should see the testimonials we've gathered
from our "live studio audience" - NOT one has
been disappointed!)


David Bass - The Masters Gathering JV Invite -
February 4th Launch.

The world's top transformation experts and
best selling authors have come together for
one of 2009's biggest launches...


We've assembled an AllStar Cast that include:

- T.Harv Eker
- Jack Canfield
- Bob Proctor
- Joe Vitale
- John Demartini
- Bob Doyle
- David Wolfe
- Loral Langemeier
- Dr. Ben Johnson
- John Asaraf
- Marci Shimoff
- Janet Atwood
- Mary Morrissey
- And more ...



A Word From Mike

I posted this in the introduction thread as a
reminder of our goals at JVNP ... I apologize
if it sounds insensitive, but those of you that
know me well know that I feel so strongly
about our mutual end goals that it sometimes
overwhelms me when certain things go off
course ... despite the efforts of the JVNP
staff and active, experienced partners to keep
things on track.


2 things I want to bring up, again, as they
appear to be major flaws that get in the way
of our goals ...

1) Only register as JV partners if your initial
intent is to actually get behind the launch
100% ... and you honestly feel you have the
ability to make sales if the product and selling
process converts.

I'm still seeing way too many inexperienced ...
or simply curious, JVNP partners registering for
each JV and accomplishing nothing. We're not
in the business of providing bright shiny objects
for amusement, here ... these are fellow JV
Partners that are looking for support and follow

If you're new or inexperienced, jump in to the
ClickBank Marketplace, choose a product to
promote, and work on your skills through
learning and trial & error. This is not the place
to experiment unless you already have the
ability and resources to sell, and are trying to
improve your results.

JVNP is all about 2 way street obligation ...
treat your fellow JVNP partner as you would
like to be treated.

2) Understand what JV Notify Pro is about
before running to me with a brokering or
consulting request ...

I put together a post to help navigate JVNP,
and understand what it is about. There is a
link directly to it in the welcome email ... yet
partners are still coming to me in droves with
Premium requests and 'what is JV Marketing?'
type questions via PM and contact form ... if
they read "READ FIRST - Understanding How
JV Notify Pro Works", most of their questions
would be answered ...


Please understand that the new JVNotifyPro
is going to greatly benefit those who take
action ... it will do no more than it does now
for those who treat it like a place to goof off.

Sorry for the mini rant .. :p


Disclaimer - This does not include instances
where active partners initially think a JV
offering looks worthwhile, but as it unfolds
... it no longer appeals to them for whatever
reason. This happens, and I can't expect everyone
to promote everything. It's the 'serial abusers'
I'm focusing on. ;)

As apposed to simply registering as an affiliate,
these JV offerings are timed promotions that are
simply asking for your support, or not. When
your registration comes across, it is assumed
you are interested in being an active partner
... with the aforementioned occasional bye.

Truth be known ... every once in a while I need
and appreciate a kick in the pants as a wake
up call when I screw up (which happens more
than I'd like, believe me. ;))

Please remember ... if I didn't care about you,
I wouldn't bother writing and posting my feelings
like this. So until the new systems are put in
place to make things more productive,
automatically ... please help me help us stay on
the win-win-win track, manually. ;)

Well ... that's all, folks.

Have a great weekend!

- Mike


Anik Singal, Kim Roach, Shawn Casey, Andrew Fox,
Mike Mograbi, Chris McNeeney, Adam Generale,
Carlos Garcia and other fellow JV Notify Pro
partners are waiting in the wings ... keep your
eyes on your Inbox, and follow the action in the



What's Happening @ JV Notify Pro"

JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers And Profiles


JV Notify Pro Partner Co-Promotion Proposal Announcements



Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule ...

"Get behind your partner's launches as passionately as
you'd like your partners to get behind yours ..."

Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
up that you'd like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
partners to get behind"

Note: That DOESN'T mean 'I found your name in the
search engines', 'read about you in a forum', 'was
referred to you by So and So', etc., decided it was
perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
register, and request a premium mailing ... all in 15

It means you've been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
wait your turn ... it's not about you, it's about US.

Please read this thread before you request a mailing ...



That's All, Folks!

To OUR Success,

Mike Merz

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imported_Kim Roach
01-08-2009, 12:10 PM
Jonny Andrews always packs his products with incredible content.

He always over delivers!

I'm really looking forward to promoting this one.

01-26-2009, 02:13 AM
I think The Guru Assassin is going to sell well.

If only we affiliates have a better understanding what Jonny Andrews is covering in this package. It is too vague for me to do a review... :(

Judah Thoms
01-26-2009, 09:54 PM
yeah it is vague. You can see what I did if you want here:


Good luck everyone!

Stephen Ng
02-08-2009, 07:47 AM
Have done a JV with Jonny.

He always impressed me with his quality stuffs.

Stephen Ng