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Mary Wingo
04-28-2017, 04:13 PM
Dr. Mary Wingo - Dr. Wingo's Radical Stress Elimination System - JV Invite
Launch Day: Friday, April 28th 2017

Join our affiliate family and get the respect, pay, and support you deserve!

Hi there, I am Dr. Mary Wingo and I have been in the online space for a decade. Like you, I have been in sales for a long time and I deeply understand your needs as an affiliate.There is first—the PAY.
When you put your resources to work and make a sale for the Radical Stress Management System that I have created, you get $100 on a $199 sale with biweekly pay. If this seems generous, remember that I know what it is like to work for commission and I know what type of pay you need in order to thrive and be motivated. I care deeply about my associates and want to keep you folks excited and motivated.

Second–Support and viral click bait

I guarantee you have not seen this before!

Check out the world’s first stress evaluation app—this survey actually scientifically evaluate a person’s stressful life events and THEN assigns a risk for stress-related illness, disability, and even early death. So the product landing page is a report describing the client’s results, which are usually moderate to high, the various risk factors AND then the powerful call to action for my program.

How this works:

Clients come to your page —>stress survey evaluation page —->moderate to high score (probably 95% of the participants) will be redirected to a sales page —>$100 commission for you for each saleSo basically, all you have to do is share this link —go ahead and take the evaluation yourself:

The Comprehensive Life Stress Inventory and Risk AssessmentYou can link to this from survey your blog, e-commerce website, social media, or email—and the average stressed-out person will receive extremely valuable and life-saving information and services for which you earn your commission. Now, THIS is a real plan to make some serious money while helping others.

You can go to my JV invite page and read all about this type of important work we do. There is an epidemic of stress-related illness, disability, and early death in our modernized culture. This epidemic of uncontrolled stress is literally bankrupting out culture. The tragic thing is that this is almost totally preventable.

You will not only be making fantastic commissions, you will be helping somebody who may be nearing the end of their rope.

PS---I have tonnes of support material for you to use--banners, videos, articles, and books and interactive apps for you to use. if you need anything customized, let me know.

Dr. Mary Wingo - Dr. Wingo's Radical Stress Elimination System - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/5090-Dr._Mary_Wingo_-_Dr._Wingo%27s_Radical_Stress_Elimination_System)